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    I'm gonna use this thread to post progress on things made for the server since forums were reset and my old thread is gone Starting off with missions: 32 years later, 2 large files being lost later, and lots of life issues later, the mission system is finally complete The missions system will be used as a way to make money and a way to pass time in between wars. Menu to initialize a mission: Actual mission menu (invite, kick, start mission, cancel mission, etc): Warning before mission starts: Kidnap mission target, which can be seen through walls to make easier for both sides: Here's a quick demonstration video wit some fuckin dank ass editing: holy shit the video quality is so trash. and yes, this will be modified to work with DarkRP in the future hopefully.
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    Meeting for the Special Operations Forces 6/2/18 All Operatives and Officers are required to attend this meeting. This meeting will cover the role that Operatives and Officers play in the functioning of the Special Operations Forces as well as anything extra that may come up as a talking point. This means that if you have anything you wish to bring up in the meeting, write it down, and at the end, ask to speak about it. Use this thread to state any reason for absence in a reply. If you know you can attend the meeting, give this post a like instead of replying. You may also reply to this thread with any questions you may have unless they need to stay private. You can create a conversation with me on the forums if you have a private question. The meeting will take place at 5:00 PM EST, show up early, not late! Tags: @Crin {GG}@Brandon@Catfisher@Hardey | GarnetGaming.net@Yazmo ☣@Ainsley@{GG} Windows@GarnetGaming | Medinator@Nexus
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    Like this post to open your fortune cookie!
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    Events have been fixed at last! Giant thank you to @KREEZY - bizzy for taking the time out of your day to fix the issue causing events to not work. Events will now occur every 20 minutes Each event ends after 2 minutes to ensure there is no delaying You will be given 45 seconds to decide whether you'd like to participate in an upcoming event 1st place reward yields $5000, 2nd place rewards yields $2500, and 3rd place reward yields $1000 Other Entities of the same class no longer collide with one another, this is done to prevent the frequent server crashes we have been experiencing as of late. Right click functionality of the weld tool (Easy Weld) has been removed
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    All EA wants to do is appeal to the low T beta neckbeards who R E S P E C T women. If you think this is meant to target women, you would be hella wrong. It simply gives these beta cucks an excuse to give their online female acquaintances a discord call at midnight and talk about how the new Battlefield game empowers women so they can get a CHANCE at noodies. I would also like to take this opportunity to say; If you are still on the World War/Futuristic meta dick riding train, you're a moron. Modern day shooters (similar to BF3, MW/MW2 are the games that deliver the most. They're relatable, realistic, and more fun without robo-jumpers and shitty bolt-action weapons. Quite frankly, I absolutely cannot wait to buy sex changes for my campaign character and be able to purchase estrogen enhancements for $5 a pop that will slowly turn my male multiplayer character into a female over time if I buy them enough. Don't forget to PRE-ORDER and SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS!
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    Optimization A heavy optimization patch has been pushed onto our server's gamemode, this will translate in better server performance, which will result in far less lag spikes when the server is under heavy loads, however it may not necessarily translate to better FPS for the client. Event System The Event system has been patched up to accomodate for the PermaProps update we pushed a few months ago while Tupac was absent from our developer's position. You can expect events to start functioning again starting either the 24 or 25th of May. The Event system still includes deathmatch and team deathmatch with different themes. Feel free to suggest more ideas below!
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    So you'll be back next year? Check your posts before posting dude.
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    Consider this season two. my favourite i promise this image wasn't so shit when I downloaded it pls forgive me please give me likes, my children are starving and reputation will keep them healthy through the long winter
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    hey guys im kinda shy hehe maybe see u in game x
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    lmao a "staff assassin"
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    To anybody that cares, I have roughly a month and a half to my summer semester before I come in full action :). I'm going to make an effort to fix some of our communities' weaknesses and keep up a good attitude. The MRP map SHOULD be out by the end of June-Mid July, and I expect it to blow your minds/bring back old vibes from cscdesert.
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    +1 proof of hacking? y no sit?
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    On Saturday of June 2nd, Vandal joined in the Marines channel and told everyone he was drinking, I decided to record the action from that night. He later fell asleep in TS... here is what happened. (I did indeed get consent/permission to upload this by Vandal, Copywrite and everyone else that was talking in this video) ENJOY!
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    MVP 123 > Senior Moderator > Lead Moderator Double Promotion 325 sits accumulated 2nd place Zaroni Pepperoni 279 sits accumulated 3rd Place SheepDog 225 sits accumulated Promotions Yamagata > Manager | Truly earned this position, congratulations! Waco > Manager in Training Grace > Manager in Training LostAtSea > Administrator BluDruw > Administrator Emmathatsme > Administrator Vernon > Trial Administrator Zaroni Pepperoni > Lead Moderator 123 > Lead Moderator Moldy Hotpocket > Lead Moderator JPDude > Lead Moderator Bowers > Lead Moderator Kitty Miku Chan > Senior Moderator strechy > Senior Moderator Br0ken > Senior Moderator Oatlife > Moderator ShadeDial > Moderator RiySpy > Moderator SheepDog > Moderator Demotions Nyx > User (disgusting human being who's desperate to see the genitals of underage girls - you will NOT be missed) Other than that, no demotions have taken place, seeing as the grace period for exams ran through the month of May! Returns Welcome back cucks! Evity -> Trial Administrator (HR Division) Nightbot -> Trial Administrator (HR Division)
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    garnet is the one that broke it boys call em a dummy
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    The meeting will take place in Teamspeak @ 7 PM Eastern Standard Time on June 1st, 06/01/2018. Many important changes will be discussed, so all are encouraged to be present. If you cannot attend, the meeting will be recorded and distributed to those who ask for it. Ty Ty!
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    From deep within his asshole. To clarify: the inventory system was removed because our host moved our game servers to the US, while our databases remained in Canada. Due to the giant latency in transferring files from Dallas to Toronto, our server would crash. The inventory system will only be gone until GMCHosting chooses to transfer their web node to the United States aswell, which they have delayed every other time I contact them.
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    I'm back boys https://i.imgur.com/cjdmcNN.jpg