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  1. Swigs

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    -1 no thanks
  2. Swigs

    Bigger Map?

    Stupid American doesn’t know what’s Tim’s is
  3. Swigs

    Bigger Map?

    I'm pretty sure the map is the largest size gmod allows it SSO, GRU, Vega, GB, SEALS, MARSOC and DF US has 4 SOC Factions, RU has 3 -1 lol
  4. Swigs


  5. Swigs

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    I thought the day would never cum
  6. Swigs

    Swigs resignation

    I ate your cake lol
  7. Swigs

    Swigs resignation

    Thank you for this amazing piece of art you have shown me this morning, It will be placed on the fridge
  8. Swigs

    All these minecraft niggas

    Nah, just charlie and grace, he bought the account, grace made the realm
  9. Swigs

    Swigs resignation

    If I can get it, Then yes please, Thank you
  10. Swigs

    Swigs resignation

    A dude that went on MRP and sounded like me
  11. Swigs

    Swigs resignation

    Correct, I’m killing your dogs
  12. Swigs

    Intel Processor

    take a guess