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  1. .br0ken

    BubbleBuddies21 physgun off duty.

    I don't recall this guy massing at all, either ways physgunning off duty wasn't the solution you should have froze him then take him to a sit, Can you show advert logs?
  2. Who are you Reporting? [Administrator/Player] Your Name: br0ken Your SteamID: irrelevant Name of Reportee: BubbleBuddies21 SteamID of Reportee: STEAM_0:1:146638362 What Happened?: He basically just started to grab this guy with his physgun off duty pretty much. Proof or Evidence:
  3. .br0ken

    Oatlife Custom Class

    I am pretty sure you need to provide the transaction ID
  4. Might not be able to attend due to timezone differences, Will try to attend.
  5. .br0ken

    False NLR Ban appeal

    @The King of Rohan @Phantom move to DRP warn/ban appeal section
  6. .br0ken


    Can someone check if this is an alt lol
  7. .br0ken


    -1 yay i won't get 360 headshotted anymore
  8. .br0ken

    Cant Access VIP Features

    In your paypal history or smth like that
  9. .br0ken

    Cant Access VIP Features

    edit the post and add the transaction ID
  10. .br0ken

    Jag vill ha dig i mörkret hos mig

    Yes I do like meatballs!
  11. .br0ken

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    They were abused in the past I believe
  12. .br0ken

    Custom class playermodel issue (DarkRP)

    Put the transaction ID
  13. .br0ken

    FreeBirdd Ban Appeal

  14. .br0ken

    Jokers' Donation Support

    Well that's most likely not going to be exchanged if you don't get the transaction ID