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  1. Shade Dial

    Warn Appeal

    Its a-okay We all make mistakes! +1 I hope everything, in turn, works out.
  2. Shade Dial

    Shades LOA

    @Catfisher Thank you!
  3. Shade Dial

    Shades LOA

    I have to go downtown for Family reasons will be gone form 6/17/18-6/20/18 due to it. I am very sorry this crept on us sooner than we thought.
  4. Shade Dial

    Vernons LOA

    Good Luck on the exams!
  5. Shade Dial

    LargeTomb0's Application For Staff

    it's always a pleasure to see him in-game a big ol +1 for me! His playtime is amazing I see him on almost every day From what I know he is always friendly admits to his wrongdoings Knows the rules for both staff and in general now! I would love to see this dude on staff!
  6. Shade Dial

    DarkRP Map Progress [06/02/2018]

    I love how the map looks and feels with the newer textures and how Bright it seems to be. However, I would like to see some contrast maybe a real grimy area where it's sketchy you know? Maybe the industrial area is the grime place I'm speaking of but who knows (besides Garnet). Either way, I am looking forward to this map update!
  7. Shade Dial

    False NLR Ban appeal

    Hey From what I have seen from the screenshots this ban looks to be accurate Also, you may not want to offend any of the Staff Members while making an appeal. It makes it seem well silly, you know? Gonna have to give a -1 Oatlife & D Δ TONEDE Δ DDUCK have proof whereas you have a lack thereof.
  8. Shade Dial

    FluffyNikki - Permabanned for no reason!

    Hi, I banned you for Ban Evasion (if you would like to check as I did have Vernon update it to the correct form) As you kept changing your name and selecting a different job To leave a sit. After I told you-you may get banned for this You continued to do so. Then you disconnected only to join again. You then took the Identity of Unoriginal memester, not a noteworthy offense. Then you continued to change your name. I will be uploading the Video very shortly of all that happened please stay tuned!
  9. Shade Dial

    Entity Damage Logs

    Oof! but it is an interesting Idea!
  10. Shade Dial

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    I love the changes so far though gotta say checkers is a blast from the past Much love guys!
  11. Shade Dial

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    Yeah maybe like only 3 cameras allowed or something would be nice just so you can check up.
  12. Shade Dial


    Noice man! see you on Team speak:D
  13. Shade Dial

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    Sweet! I can't wait to play chess with you all! Especially you @Savitr
  14. Shade Dial

    Is Water Wet?

    Water is not wet for you don't say water in a water bottle is wet. In wise words from Wizards of Waverly Place " when you're totally underwater. You're not really wet!" - Max
  15. Shade Dial

    NimbusCloud Moderator Application

    +1 I love the beefy paragraphs about you and why choosing you would be better! Teamspeak and the ability to record is a nice feature! Plus your past staffing skills are amazing and I'm sure it would be an amazing person on the server!