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  1. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    DoUF3arMe staff app

    ur app needs a bit more buffing more in the paragraph section but everything else looks fine fam DarkRp Former L.Mod Kitty Miku Chan
  2. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Kitty Miku Chans Resignation

    This was a hard decision for me but I'm going to be leaving staff on drp because its kinda getting boring now it was fun but now I must go @BubbleBuddies21 I probs talk to you on discord you @JesseK why did you warn stack that bot @RiySpy thanks for buying me that perm @Not cool kid stop asking me for perms when I'm broke if I forgot to tag u srry also I have to keep playing other wise ill die on the inside because I spent way to much money on this server lol DarkRp L.Mod Kitty Miku Chan
  3. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    New model for Staff on Duty

    -1 I rather be fat
  4. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤


    Some family stuff has come up and I’ll need a loa for about a week so... 11/07/2018 - 18/07/2018
  5. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    First Suggestion

    give me an example (^-_-^)
  6. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    First Suggestion

    lmao I didn't even notice
  7. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Done with life

    Your a kobunga
  8. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    First Suggestion

    +1 Make it do 400 damage instead of 200
  9. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Advanced dup 2

    -1 just buy vip lmao not the exspensive
  10. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Done with life

    shut up its a WEIRD BEAR THING
  11. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Done with life

    I found this picture of Putin holding this weird bear thing lmfao wtf
  12. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤


    I feel like this is jessek lmao #altaccount DarkRp S.Mod Kitty Miku Chan
  13. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Return of the scamming punishment

    +1 you are most intelligent staff and I shall sacrifice 1 goat in your name. DarkRp S.Mod  Kitty Miku Chan
  14. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    I no longer require my loa

    I’m bored of living life so I want to come back to garnet to waste my life on telling kids what rdm means so like plz take me off loa. (^・ω・^ )
  15. ❤️Kitty_Miku_Chan❤

    Krispy Kreme Klub - Moderator Application

    well your app has been updated to good standards how ever I would like to point out one thing I do not like your first paragraph seemed to me that you were boosting about your self I do not like people that think they are so good as to receive awards for being liked that's not how garnet gaming will work out for. however you but your other 2 paragraphs are good you got the playtime your one of the only ppl ever to read that staff rules and put the right answer down so like yas. +1(in red to make you think I gave you a -1 when in actuality I didn't) DarkRp S.Mod Kitty Miku Chan