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  1. Cold Soldier

    Duel Minimum balance required changed.

    +1 Since the paychecks dont work properly, I feel like dueling priced should be lowered. (So @Panini doesn't steal your money)
  2. Cold Soldier

    Yax's LOA 7/20-7/22

    Good Luck!
  3. Cold Soldier

    Lifting of Blacklist on 2GA - Vladikoff

    @ZedDxeD You can talk to Zed on the forums in DM's Not only in in-game Sry for talking soon before a lock
  4. Cold Soldier

    MP5 Nerf (again)

    Not asking it to be nerfed to shit, just to make it more balanced
  5. Cold Soldier

    MP5 Nerf (again)

    My B, basically nerf the MP5 so it isn't a sniper
  6. Cold Soldier

    MP5 Nerf (again)

    Description: The MP5 in-game is too OP and makes the game shift the balance of power to the people who own it. I believe the MP5 should be nerf because it puts people who do not own it at a serious disadvantage. A way to try to nerf it is to reduce it's damage and, then increase it's recoil by a little. These nerfs can make the MP5 more balanced and help the game become for fair for players with and without the MP5. Lastly, the new should make the weapon equal to some other weapons, or at least not able to do things like snipe, or have the recoil it does. Benefits to the server: I believe this can make more people satisfied with the weapons and their power. Since as of now, it seems that some people are discontent with the weapons power. This can also make newcomers have a more enjoyable experience on the server, and may make them stay longer. This can make more weapons balanced also, making more people content with the power and make wars more even. I will conclude this by saying the MP5 is an OP weapon, and the first nerf did not seem like enough to make the weapon even. (Unless the new update is going to nerf it, then never mind this post)
  7. Cold Soldier

    Raids on US

    Creeeeeeepy stories
  8. Cold Soldier

    This was difficult...

    I never knew you Yax, but to me, you seemed like a good officer ;( Good Luck
  9. Cold Soldier

    how to grenade

    Oh the old days And memorable quotes "Holy fuck he dropped a gre-"
  10. Cold Soldier

    Eh Here i am

    BE GONE T H O T But still you became a meme recently, not gonna go into details
  11. Cold Soldier

    AlphA's Staff App

    I'm gonna +1 I dont see you often but what other people are saying, also you have a pretty good app from what I see. Also, everyone keep it on topic. Please don't get into anything too personal.
  12. Cold Soldier

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    +1 He seems mature from what I see right know and for the past month. (I know I'm immature and not staff but still) From I see he got along well and is a social funny guy He may've done things in the past but people change from that and I wasn't there to see his minginess on SWRP Plus he his active and fits the ability for admin -That one kid, Soldier
  13. Cold Soldier

    Leaving GG MilitaryRP

    You aren't a bad officer I never heard anything bad about you. But good luck. (Btw nobody can be a worse (Warrant) officer than me) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Cold Soldier

    How to make the text messages stay up longer

    Where is marines going again?
  15. Cold Soldier

    Cramps Unban App

    It's over Good Game. I should've done more. Plus, I do trust the executive team, I just had to challenge this decision because to me it seemed to me unjust. If the evidence seems fit for you You can lock this.