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  1. Crin {GG}

    Emma's Staff Report

    I mean yeah he did technically "d3a off duty" but I don't understand why you guys get in his ass about it. If he isn't doing it in a abusive way like flinging people around for no reason, there why is there a issue? Instead of taking the extra time to switch to the on duty job and tp back to just physgun them out, he could just do what he did and physgun him out of the prop within a second of placing it... This is just my two cents on it.
  2. Crin {GG}

    Bills Murrys Trial Mod Application

    If you haven’t gotten permission to apply at the age of 14 by a manager + you will be denied. Ill give you till 12am tonight to reply.
  3. Crin {GG}

    Bigger Map?

    bruh lmao A new map is already in progress, we'll be fine. I can tell you now that there will not be anymore "Sub Countries" like Canada or China(As well as there is a low chance that a new faction will be added soon). Edit: Just would like to say, the only reason that the current map feels "Smaller" is because it has more hills and buildings then wide open maps like CSCDesert.
  4. Crin {GG}

    Crin - False Warn - Staff Report

    I left because it had been over 10 minutes of you arguing me, you just kept saying "Show me the rule then I'll change it". And again, I didn’t have to be there if the staff handling the sit didn’t need me anymore. I was only there by request to help him out due to you not cooperating with him. I wasn't "angry" as much as I was getting frustrated because you kept saying "Show me the rules". You wouldn't listen at all. I sat there with you for over 15 minutes but the staff member whos sit it was wanted to go play war so he finished the sit, I didn't influence his desicion on what to do with you as it wasn't my sit. EDIT: Your second warn was already getting removed as aseir made a mistake, You just need to wait for Phantom or someone else to get on and remove it.
  5. Crin {GG}

    Changing donation

    I believe you’re only allowed to if your item has been removed from the server (Example : Quads on MRP).
  6. Crin {GG}

    Please unban me

    Unless it's a clear debrief mass always bring them to a sit in case it falls under something like the first ROE.
  7. Crin {GG}


    I didn't get DEVGRU right when I got in I had to wait till the tryout.
  8. Crin {GG}


    One of the only pictures I had from when I was in seals with you Gonna miss you man, had a really really fun time with you man and I wish you weren't leaving. But regardless, good luck with work and I hope you have fun wherever you go
  9. Crin {GG}

    Recent Buy

    Mind as well try calling their support. They'll probably give better answers then any of us
  10. Crin {GG}

    banned with no warning

    Fill that out if you want your appeal to be looked at.
  11. Crin {GG}

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    No dabbot, bad discord
  12. Crin {GG}

    Bhewy's New Staff Application

    Accepted I'll give you a chance, although if during your training at anytime if the training staff member feels as if you're not suitable for staff you rank may be revoked. @Phantom
  13. Crin {GG}

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    Not everyone needs a role silly.
  14. Crin {GG}

    NPC Based Patrol System

    Being allowed to host events isn’t the issue, I’ve been given permission by Phantom to host them, the issue is that I can only do so much without being able to spawn props or NPCs(which will most likely never be added to any rank lower then manager). You say “if you’re within the patrol and you’re shot at you can shoot back”. NPCs can sometimes wonder away leading to some possible issues. Lastly, if we had to use the remover tool we would have to fly around the whole map looking for the rag dolls which would be a huge waste of time.
  15. Crin {GG}

    Trade Items

    Post the transaction IDs for both items.