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  1. I recommend taking a look at how things actually are. It's good to know the reality of the situation before you try and fix the situation. MARSOC is already marine exclusive, and adding another army soc faction seems silly seeing how there is already GB and Deltaforce. There are a few reasons as to why RU is outperforming US, but i don't think SOC in terms of format is the issue.
  2. {GG}otham

    Ty's false ban

    In-Game Name: Ty Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:118685497 When did the punishment occur?: 1:30 PM EST Warn/Ban Reason: MassRDM Who was involved?: Me and Ty Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I accidentally falsely banned him for RDM Proof (Screenshots/Recordings): Gotham had to do it to him
  3. {GG}otham


  4. {GG}otham

    My Long Awaited Return

    Hey my mens, it's ya boi blandgamer. I played for about a week back on CS: Desert, Omegalul. I guess you can call me a .... "Original GangseteR" Omegalul. Anyways, I'm coming back, and I was hoping I could get that well deserved handpick for, i dont know, VEGA. Anyways, I was just posting this to let all of you know I'm coming back. P.S. Are there still any of my OG's around? Haha, remember when that lamo killed that one gorilla in that zoo, omeeeegalul.
  5. {GG}otham

    RPG CQC Meta

    A judgement upon your accusation of my suggestion being a childish retaliation. Not of your character.
  6. {GG}otham

    RPG CQC Meta

    I simply disagree with the first statement. And for the latter, i'm appalled by your sheer idiocy. We're all trying to balance the server together.
  7. {GG}otham

    RPG CQC Meta

    5 people on RPG and Donator weapons = atleast 1 base faction and some change. That's meta. They are meant to be able to sustain damage while they launch their rockets. Not to sustain damage whilst mowing 10 enemies down with the mp5a5 and still having +100 HP Not even close to intelligent. Any weapon that can blow up 5+ people at once on an objective is by no means "underwhelming" With 300 HP, the RPG or nailgunner can be caught by suprise, turn around, and still get the kill. Entirely false. This suggestion is about the unacceptable power granted to someone with 300 HP, and a hand full of other neat weapons that compromise the balance of the server grotesquely .
  8. {GG}otham

    RPG CQC Meta

    Description: Right now we're in the meta where explosive support classes "RPG/Nail-gunner" are being misused by players to create a unintended advantage in war. The classes are meant to be used to breach areas from afar with explosives for allies to move in and CQC. What it has become is people using these classes with other donator classes to be able to soak up bullets and become unkillable. By using weapons such as the MP5A5 and the FMG, RPGs have turned into "final bosses" mowing down everyone in their path close up. I'm calling for Nailgunner and RPG to be limited to only their White listed weapons. The misuse of RPG and NG drives players away from the server. Why try and snipe if there is an RPG using an orsis. Why try and go and cap the point when there is an RPG mowing 5+ players down in CQC with an MP5A5. As it stands, one RPG can sway the results of a war, as an RPG with MP5A5 or an FMG can take on a whole base faction on a point.
  9. {GG}otham

    The Self Healing Meta

    I have seen many guardians heal other people, myself included. If I were to attempt to counter this suggestion, I would recommend increasing the heal tick time from 4 seconds to 6-8 seconds.
  10. {GG}otham

    The Self Healing Meta

    If you talking about wanting a team game over a "fucking one man army who can't die", then lets talk about RPG and NG only being able to use WL weapons. -1, Many weapons are a 1 tap that you can't heal through. Example of current meta weapons that can blow through a medkit: MP5, RPG, basically any shotgun, ak up close, and orsis. You guys are acting like we're just running around the middle of town, taking snipes left and right. Getting out of harms way, and healing isnt broken. I'd understand this if you ran up to someone gunning you down, and switched to knife to kill them. However, this seems like a cheap shot stirred on by a bad day on the battlefield. The Medic Meta. Where you need a medic for your medic, and a medic for your medic's medic.
  11. {GG}otham

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    From what I've heard, you were swiping peoples IP's?
  12. {GG}otham

    I got banned for NITRP when I forgot I had a bind on 0

    no not at all my guy, just wanted to be sure you knew
  13. {GG}otham

    I got banned for NITRP when I forgot I had a bind on 0

    @Gildarts unless you fixed it at some point, you accidentally muted and unmuted James Ryan, not this james
  14. {GG}otham


    He thought you were james ryan....
  15. {GG}otham

    Staff Applications

    I find it interesting that in making your opinion clear in terms of his ability to staff, you also managed to shit on anyone who disagreed with you. I roll US 100% of the time, and I had no idea who this guy is. Staff should be reserved for people who are known and trusted in the community. It's less about the fact that his hours are a little low, and more about the fact that he hasn't developed himself into a well known trusted player in a lot of peoples eyes. Would I agree that maybe the app was denied a little soon? Sure. Do i disagree with the HR's assertion for him to get more well known in the community, absolutely not. To my knowledge, getting staff isn't about meeting the application requirements alone.