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  1. {GG} Remake

    Goodbye MilitaryRP.....

    I’ll miss the days we joined the server together and the day I met you when you passed MARSOC. The day when you finally got MARSOC sniper and many many days that we spent with Guppy, Panda, Gotham, Kev, and Buck were the best days I have on the server. We all had a good friendship going, but all good times come to an end. I wished we could’ve talked more while you were in Seals. HMU on Snapchat or steam to play something Peace out man /me Salutes to a good friend
  2. {GG} Remake

    Mav's staff app

    Accepted Congratulations, Please contact a Manager+ in game to get your rank set, and also contact @Nexus for your training. @Phantom
  3. {GG} Remake

    AlphA's Staff App

    Denied Due to the fact that I feel you are not ready to take on the roles of a staff member of GGMRP, and also your minge behavior on server. You were also just BL from 2GA under a week ago for minging. Feel free to re-apply in a week. @Phantom
  4. {GG} Remake

    Staff Application

    You never answer the question in this entire paragraph. Please edit and state why do you plan on benefiting our server?
  5. {GG} Remake

    I might go on LOA

    What are the dates you will be gone?
  6. {GG} Remake

    Delphin's Staff Application

    Accepted Contact a Manager+ to get your rank set in game. Also contact @Arnold Smith for your training. @Phantom
  7. {GG} Remake

    :Staff Application: Garnet Gaming Military Roleplay

    Please follow the format or this will be denied
  8. {GG} Remake

    Delphin's Staff Application

    Would the rust server affect any playing time, or interfere with staff duties?
  9. {GG} Remake

    Husky's Staff App

    Accepted Congratulations, Please Contact a Manager+ in game to get your rank, and contact any of our HR team to train you. Welcome to the staff team. HR Members Cypher, Arnold Smith, Copywrite, Hardey, Versetti Clickbait HR Staff Remake, Jackal HR Director Crin @Phantom
  10. {GG} Remake

    Allens Staff App

    Denied Due to the fact that you came back from a long absence, we are wanting to give you more time to get accustomed to server once again. Feel free to re-apply when you are ready. @Phantom
  11. {GG} Remake

    Bhewy's LOA

    @Crin {GG}, other than that all set in Marines
  12. {GG} Remake

    CoolKid240 staff app

    Denied There is nothing here on your application. Before you deleted it you said you had 9 hours, you need 75+ to apply. Feel free to re-apply when you meet the standards. @Phantom
  13. {GG} Remake

    CoolKid240 staff app

    No app?
  14. {GG} Remake

    *MP5A5 BUFF* MilitaryRP Update [6/21/2018]

    @MARSOC nerfed. XD F
  15. {GG} Remake


    Peace out guppy it’s been real hanging out with you. Hmu if your ever on ts would gladly move you to the MARSOC channel. Anyway take care man and have a good one with where ever the road takes you.