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  1. Obunga

    DarkRP Map Progress [07/09/2018]

    Can we get an F for fountain?
  2. Obunga

    My final goodbyes.

    Sometimes a nigga gotta know how to put on a condom
  3. Obunga

    ItzMalo's Staff Application

  4. Obunga

    br0ken - Moderator application

    +1 Very professional dueler yes?
  5. Obunga


    Shouldn't have clicked on that link. Could have been a lot worse.
  6. Obunga


    What the bunga
  7. Obunga

    My final goodbyes.

    What exactly is funny about a "How to put on a condom" video?
  8. Obunga

    My final goodbyes.

    Stupid move
  9. Obunga

    Staff Meeting

    Can obunga come?
  10. Obunga

    lamp shade

  11. Obunga

    DarkRP Staff Roster | Month of June, 2018

    We're doomed
  12. Obunga

    bearanator217's Staff APP

    Yes there is. -1unga
  13. Obunga'n't


  14. Obunga

    First Suggestion

  15. Obunga

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]