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  1. Bourbann

    Bourbann - Moderator Applicarion

    yes sir I will be putting in hours all the time but im going to the beach for a week in a few days if that mess up my application
  2. Bourbann

    Bourbann - Moderator Applicarion

    [Bourbann]- Moderator Application July 11, 2018 In Game Name - Bourbann Age- 13 Steam Id-[ STEAM_1:1:223710339 ] Warns - 1 [NLR] Time Zone - Chicago [ Centeral Time] Play Time - 68 Hours Acces To Team Speak And Mic - Yes Ability To Record -Yes If Needed Referals- I am a very respectful and helpful guy i love be on this server all day. I stay on the server mid day and late at night when no admin are on i do the best i can to let people know of the rules .i love the dark rp server beacuse of all of the fun people and jobs you guys offer.im a huge fan of the role play community and im looking forward to help. when I am present in a sit I would let both players explain their story ask for evidence and do a fair punishment to the report. when I first started this server I didn't know how to make keypads and know that I know I do my best to help others. if had some times with other players on the server needing help calling a admin and I helped the new server player with that. I would love to server as a moderator on this server to inform and help the community be stronger and better than ever. Im always looking on the forums at new content like the new dark rp map. Even if i dont make the moderator part i would still play this server and try and help the server. although Im not on in the mornings if I check the chat box and a admin is needed I will happily get on and address the situation. I am a big fan of your moderator team I think they all do a perfect job of managing the server Thank you for spending your time reading my report. Have You Ever Been Banned On Any Other Severs - No Did You Read The Staff Rules - Yes Have You Made Any Previous Applications - No How Much Time Have You Contributed To The Roll- 10 Hours Hobby s Out Of Gmod- Family,Basketball,Swiming,Hanging Out With Friends Did You Read The Staff Rules - [ Bourbann ] Yes XOXO Bourbann