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  1. SheepDog

    Fucking skid communities

    Lol. Sherman said he got into the national guard thats why he left. guess he got left behind.
  2. SheepDog

    Possible Warn Appeal

    My guess is you went afk after a hit. Thats why none of you remember.
  3. SheepDog


    -1 for ignoring.
  4. SheepDog

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    This is what I was trying to say without being rude. Clearly lua formed his opinion based on mrp rules when he said we cant take our own sits without even refering to the drp rules.
  5. SheepDog

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    i have over 1600 elo on the server. come at me.
  6. SheepDog

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    only one person +1'd lol.
  7. SheepDog

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    I agree with the first part. Second one, not so much but that is not for me to decide. Because it really depends on the scope. Text is easily misunderstood for attitude.
  8. SheepDog

    I don't know what to title this sorry

    Hey there, So you were warned for FailRP due to arresting Oatlife in spawn which is a Non-RP area. https://imgur.com/a/63evsyy You admitted to doing so, Oatlife asked for you to be warned for FailRP and when I asked if you had any proof any of this happened you stated you didn't need it. That being said you were in several sits for different things at the time. I was more than ok giving you a verbal, but as I stated previously Oatlife wanted you warned.
  9. SheepDog

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    Oatlife and Succ Succ were the only ones online when I left my computer with the game up. Succ succ was also afk. So that being said Oatlife is allowed to take his own sit seeing how no one else was on. in terms of evidence for your warn we will wait and see. @Oatlife
  10. SheepDog

    Fucking ALT ACCOUNTS

    its the same dude. besides alts are the next best thing to slice bread.
  11. SheepDog

    LargeTomb0's Application For Staff

    +1 Throw my name on your referrals as well. Over all I mean you may get asked to beef up the paragraphs a bit. But I support making Large staff, he's been around long enough and shows he knows the rules.
  12. SheepDog

    Doom Eternal

    I grew up on Doom and Quake when I was super young. Got a tattoo of the Quake Symbol on my wrist to. Play a lot of it and played every single game id has made, including wolf. I've made full Total Conversions of stuff on the DooM 2 Engine. It's pretty nice. I love it, but not a fan of the community since both communities just complain about small trivial stuff... Beat Doom 2016 on UV and Nightmare, Almost beat it on Ultra Nightmare. When you play the only difficulty you should be playing is the hardest difficulty in my opinion.
  13. SheepDog

    Doom Eternal

    i wouldnt doubt it. sounded like his style in the trailer.
  14. SheepDog

    Doom Eternal

    @Jarold new doom trailer. cant wait. hell on earth.
  15. SheepDog

    Report canceled.

    Retract my statement and view for now.