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  1. rauler

    Dear Frosty

    haha lol get it??!!! baseball???
  2. My god I wish I had a big tiddy goth gf like you crushing my head between your thicc ass thighs. 

  3. rauler

    I Wonder

    +1 gotta go for the fourth objective my dudes
  4. Just imagine how much more advanced humanity would be, how much we'd progress, how much happier we would be as a whole if it was just acceptable to watch a large breasted Anime school girl fuck her older step brother in the school gym. The fact that Japanese man have smaller cocks than us in the west is no surprise when you consider how large their brains must be to come up with the most erotic blood pumping art known to man.

    1. Phantom


      Thot bomb dropped.

    2. Shrugger
  5. rauler

    Clash of Clans

    Add my tag: #PUP29JU9 about to be TH10, currently maxed th9 with 21/30 heroes, upgrading my king pretty rapidly. If your interested in joining my clan, i'll ask the leader of it if there's a spot open to let you in. It's a friendly and chill UK based clan, but people in the clan are from all over the world, plus everyone speaks English.
  6. rauler

    i was banned for 10 years for no reason

    you really hate to see that happen
  7. rauler

    alright what the fuck

    I was really bored and went on the wayback machine and looked up these forums for the n o s t a l g i a and found this https://web.archive.org/web/20171022225807/http://garnetgaming.net:80/ I have no fucking clue how this happened, but i'm legit dying. @Tayler@Vibe
  8. rauler

    $200 Unboxing

    Bishopil arajado abajo las escaleres por su instructor de taladro. Si senor, yo soy de rancho.
  9. yall ever just drink milk to flex on these lactose intolerant niggas

    1. Mute


      I flex on deaf people by telli...... nvm.

    2. Brandon


      I flex on week people with my back muscles 

    3. Josh


      "how do I post a status update?"

  10. rauler

    When your IQ goes negative

    that's a yikes and a half right there, what an edgy lad
  11. rauler

    FreeBirdd Ban Appeal

    Photos displayed side by side, credits to fupert and reinard for recreating and posting it. From the first photo, while blurry, you see the ghillie looking pretty much the EXACT way that the recreation photo is, while one frame before in the blurry one he was looking the completely opposite way before Lua's shot was taken. The ghillie is still dark, you can't see the actual model of the person in the ghillie suit. Also. Originally he denied being the ghillie in the picture, and is now admitting to it. My -1 obviously still stands.
  12. rauler

    FreeBirdd Ban Appeal

    Not exactly sure how its "the most retarded thing you have ever read" when it's true. It seems like you skipped over the entire 20 minute video that I labeled with timestamps and called me out because I associate myself with RU rather than looking at both sides. It seems to be what almost every single US main is doing asides from Sleepy. Anyway, The fact that he somehow has godly levels of both aim and awareness on a map that he has played on for maybe 25 wars at most doesn't add up. He's been banned from AT LEAST 2 servers (the World of Gods server and some DarkRP server) for aimbotting as well. It doesn't add up, it really doesn't. I have played against Jackal, when he was on SEALS and later in MARSOC for 7 months. Sure he was good, and was probably the best the server had to offer at the time, but he wasn't hacking, I knew that. Jackal has played on the server for probably more than 1k hours, so that's just invalid straight up. Whenever I died to Jackal, I had a chance to blink at least before he shot me. Your so out of touch since you resigned, it's actually laughably pathetic. If you watch Lua's evidence and my video reviewing it you can see CLEAR evidence of him cheating. Already did bucko. A bit passive aggressive today aren't ya?