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  1. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Lifting of Blacklist on 2GA - Vladikoff

    Alright that fine if you didn't know where to put your BL appeal but also since it is a faction related post, you could post this here: http://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/forum/24-factions-and-regiments/ And there are many different ways to communicate to a faction leader like others have said on the post.
  2. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Echo's Staff Application

    +1 you seem like a good guy and a great addition to the staff team. Add me the Referrals!
  3. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Aurora ban report

    ACCEPTED! This player will get a 2-week ban for this mass. Thank you for reporting this. I will also credit you since you can't ban him yourself. @Phantom Please lock.
  4. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Lifting of Blacklist on 2GA - Vladikoff

    @Phantom please lock, I deny this appeal.
  5. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Lifting of Blacklist on 2GA - Vladikoff

    DENIED!(perms from Chris) This format is only to be used for warn/ban appeals, not for a faction blacklist. If you wish to be unblacklisted, you may talk to the general/leader of that faction.
  6. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net


    Goodbye. I will miss you
  7. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Add a army rangers and make MARSOC marine exclusive in military RP

    Can I be a Col for GOATSOC?
  8. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Ty's false ban

    Accepted! (Perms from Lua) Due to the fact that RU was raiding US and Gotham did indeed ban him and I was on at the time. You will get unbanned as soon as possible. Sorry about any inconvenience that you may have on this server. @Phantom Please lock
  9. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Ty's false ban

    By the way here is the log evidence on the false ban: RU advert raid US: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1442794044 Ty killing people because of the raid: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1442794068
  10. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    -1 Due to the fact that you made another forum account to diss on your OWN staff application. I'm sorry but that is not what a staff member would do on this staff team. My -1 stands.
  11. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net


    Please wait until @Kevins follows the ban appeal format and letting an operator handle this forums post. Thank you!
  12. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net


    Ok, but I don't know who banned him and if he did kill two people He should have been warned in-game. Logs should be provided by the staff that banned this player.
  13. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net


    Please use the correct format:
  14. Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net


    Can't wait for this moment one day but don't kill yourself lol Take care buddy