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  1. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    Emma's Staff Report

    +1 4. Do not use administrative commands unless in case of emergency or if you are on duty or in a sit. I.E Physgun players off duty
  2. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's LOA

  3. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    DarkRP Map Progress [06/02/2018]

  4. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    Forum Signatures

    How's signature?
  5. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    DarkRP Map Progress [06/02/2018]

    How's the map looking like Dad? @Garnet
  6. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    Please make a report for this part so it can be handled properly.
  7. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's Custom Class

  8. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's LOA

    I won't be leaving until the 25th
  9. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's LOA

    I'm going out of town with no access to my computer in order to chill with my family. I will be away until July 7th l. Will miss all of you.
  10. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's Custom Class

    Bump @Garnet
  11. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's Custom Class

  12. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12

    BluDruw's Custom Class

    I bought a custom class earlier this month. I haven't seen it pop up on the job screen and I tried to use my job command /ult (I believe that's it), and nothing happened. Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:430174267 Missing Items: Custom Class Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID 0D131427J5417424D
  13. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12


    Bring back the scar sop mood l mod
  14. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12


    There's no rule saying they can't be in there it only states that they can't raid/mug you while building.
  15. [C5] [Stringer] sdruw12


    You should be able to kill people while you're building if they won't leave you alone.