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  1. {GG} CJ

    This is how CSGO ranks work

    Woah you climbed alot. We should play more man
  2. {GG} CJ

    Goodbye MilitaryRP.....

    Same as my steam name, look me up. Lets play somethings together
  3. {GG} CJ

    Goodbye MilitaryRP.....

    Jerran, our time together was always good and you handled every situation with professionalism. Im sad to see you leave but best of luck with your future endeavors! You were a fun guy to talk to and always brought a positive vibe. /me Salutes hmu on steam
  4. {GG} CJ


    Cya soon boy
  5. {GG} CJ

    Shrugger - Staff Application

    Yo! Its a big +1! Great guy and mature Im sure you have a really good understanding of how the server works. Add me to referrals man
  6. {GG} CJ

    Wasdin - Staff Application

    Amazing attitude in game and super friendly. Never a bad experience with Wasdin and I think hed be a great addition to our staff team. Wasin, please add me to referrals +1
  7. {GG} CJ

    Zol's Problem (MillitaryRP)

    I didnt even mean to hit submit o.o my bad
  8. {GG} CJ

    Zol's Problem (MillitaryRP)

    Please provide the proof that you infact bought the vehicle. A recepit with the transaction ID and purchase details should be in your paypal
  9. {GG} CJ

    Please unban me

    @.lua I can only assume his punishment was for his end of killing each other. He might've just explained what happened after. If he was given a verbal warning for killing and then banned? that doesnt really make sense. still waiting on @Bhewy For his proof
  10. {GG} CJ

    Please unban me

    @Bhewy it says you were the one who banned. Please upload any evidence you have of MassRdm for Tomace @zachsaddler
  11. {GG} CJ


    Gn2 hmu? Pre patch was DMG
  12. {GG} CJ

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    Take care Lala I guess everyone is carrying you in cs go. Lets play soon 수고 많았어!
  13. {GG} CJ

    Bhewy's New Staff Application

    Im gonna have to agree with all the reasons stated above! Your behavior performance and maturity improved significantly and you seem to be well known to more people, not having any problems arise is always a good thing bhewy! +1
  14. {GG} CJ

    Puremotive's Staff Application

    @Puremotive There are requirements to apply for the staff position, I highly recommend that you get yourself known in the community and you increase your hours. Im not able to deny, but to be brutally honest, this application most likely will. So please do what I recommended and try again later!
  15. {GG} CJ

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]