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  1. Not cool kid

    Emma's Staff Report

    +1 dont use d3a off duty
  2. Not cool kid

    GEO/Headhunter RDM False Warn Appeal

    +1 nice
  3. Not cool kid

    DarkRP Update [6/21/2018]

    what did pro admin mode do?
  4. Not cool kid

    Banned for Mass Prop Spam while using Printer

    Proof he wasnt and who banned him
  5. Not cool kid

    Bigger Map?

    Add Blackgaurd too while your add it, and 055 so i can fail the tryouts more
  6. Not cool kid

    Wendells Skin Donation MRP

  7. Not cool kid

    Wendells Skin Donation MRP

    I'm Doing a Skin Donation For MRP Skins I'm paying : (PUBG) Zest Sunglasses, (PUBG) 2 Long Sleeved Turtleneck (Black) (PUBG) Baggy Pants black, (CS : GO) M4A1-S | Decimator All Added Up $8.96 USD (edit added another item took away 20%) Item I want: MP5A5 Steam ID : (64) 76561198300720751 (Steam ID) : STEAM_0:1:170227511
  8. Not cool kid

    RIP Austin

  9. Not cool kid

    Introduction of Espionage

    +1 this would be cool and benefit the server
  10. Not cool kid


    Lmao when you said to many colors in the app I was gonna say that's invalid but I Read the second part
  11. Not cool kid

    Puremotive's staff application

    -1 Application does not meet requirements 4 hours Did not read staff rules less than two paragraphs Underage
  12. Not cool kid

    DetrudeTV Staff Application

    -1 didnt follow format short app not 2 paragraphs
  13. Not cool kid

    DarkRP Sitcom/Talkshow!

    I feel like ROBERT was a great and handsome actor