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  1. Simon G

    I heard there's free V-Bucks here

    i would also like some robux
  2. Staff member not saving logs? Yikes.
  3. Simon G

    Reporting Evity

    thanks @Prop
  4. Simon G

    New model for Staff on Duty

    -1 3 mass rdms happened while you wrote this "suggestion". Shame on you.
  5. Simon G

    DarkRP Map Progress [07/09/2018]

    those bricks look gnarly brah
  6. Simon G

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]

    Oh shit, cant wait to play this!
  7. Simon G

    NeW MRP FacTiOn

    RU - Davy Crocket Suicide Force - DCSF US - Anti Davy Crocket Suicide Force - ADCSF The DCSF has davy crockets and they neck themslef on the daily. The ADCSF have EMP that deactive davy crokets and make the nukwe stuff not nujke anymore pls add 1 lik = 1% chanec more
  8. Simon G

    Simon G Donation Support

    STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:148193745 ITEMS: I would like to trade my Suzuki Kingquad bought on sale for $15 for an FMG-9 - $6.80, Middlefinger - $4.25 and a Huntsman Slaughter - $3.40. Total price being $14.45 Proof of purchase: Receipt No: 5161-9372-6213-4940
  9. Simon G

    ClickBait Resignation

    Maybe i can pass marksmen tryouts now. Come play US boy.
  10. Simon G

    Conway - Resignation

    Life man. See you later Conway. Thanks for everything buddy.
  11. Simon G


  12. Simon G

    RIP x

    Good money
  13. Simon G

    Okami's staff Application

    Joke app -1