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  1. JakePlays

    Banned for Mass Prop Spam while using Printer

    -1 Please use format
  2. JakePlays


    +Good playtime +Decent app, coloring format is completely unneccesary, seems like applicant is taking this like a complete joke +Past staff +Lots of referrals -Hasn't been back on the server for that long yet, maybe only about a week. To each their own if you find this to be sufficient, personally, I do not -Has been nothing BUT a minge since returning -Every time I've seen him in a sit, he always keeps telling the staff members how to do their jobs, regardless of rank -1
  3. JakePlays

    Need input

    He knew you were spectating him from the fact that you didn't change your job or RPname to be invisble. Dummy. Also, since there is no way to timestamp the footage of the exploiter, and for some reason the name didn't show up, nothing can be done there.
  4. JakePlays

    Possible Warn Appeal

    Yes, I will agree that Josephi may not have proof of this incident, but I firmly believe that it's the Appealer's job to Appeal without a lack of evidence. Due to no evidence on either side, (particularly the Appealer's side) I heavily - 1 this until potential evidence is surfaced.
  5. JakePlays

    How to be a cop without getting banned!

    You put SO much effort into this, geez. Very impressed with the result. Nice guide, one of the better ones out here.
  6. JakePlays

    Accepted/Denied folder for Reports on forums

    Yeah, it would definitely help me determine which ones still need to be responded to. +1
  7. JakePlays

    False NLR Ban appeal

    Posting from mobile, sorry for inconsistencies between this and my normal posting. - Appeal seems to be almost completely fabricated. Appealer has no evidence of anything supporting himself, while the staff member has obvious proof of the infraction. - Appealer has been VERY disrespectful in the appeal, obviously showing no interest in this actually getting appealed, just wants a staff member in trouble. - Even knowing there were staff online, appealer admitted to trying to take the matters of a potential RDMer into his own hands, by arrested them. Big -1 from me!
  8. JakePlays

    Madeline - Falsely banned (Ban Appeal)

    I agree with Evity. This is a person that abused climb swep to get into people's bases, then gets on an alternate account to do the same. Hope to get these IP's checked ASAP to potentially issue an IP ban immediately. -1
  9. JakePlays

    FluffyNikki - Permabanned for no reason!

    This seems to be a completely accurate ban for ban evasion. Hope we can get these IP's checked ASAP, then possibly an IP ban is to be issued. -1
  10. JakePlays

    Please fix RU glitch

    This is DarkRP suggestions
  11. JakePlays

    VERY Small Mayor Suggestion

    Hi, JakePlays here, with another fantastic suggestion. So, via MULITPLE threads, we've all determined that Garnet doesn't like the idea of a Mayor getting income, and it's more for the more-established players of the server to dictate what can and cannot be arrested for. As I still wish that we could implement that, that isn't what this thread is about. This is a VERY minor, quality-of-life change for Mayor. Two changes, actually. First will be the more controversial one, second I think is helped by implementation of the first one. They co-exist better than being alone. 1.) Raise the Mayor hour requirement to 24 hours. If you know enough about the server to apply for staff at this point, you should know enough to be Mayor. I think this would help with the accidental approval of false warrants...even if just a small amount. Also, a staff member just enforces rules. A Mayor creates them, and they are punishable by a 3 minute jail if broken. A Mayor should have at least somewhat of an idea of how the server operates to create these rules. 2.) Change the allowed character limit on the "Laws of GarnetGaming". This is a very tiny change. Again, I think this has good synergy with the first change, because someone with 24 hours is a little less likely to abuse the extra character limit. Sometimes, you write out a law that you find is great, only to find it hits the character limit. More often than not, you end up having to shorten words and phrases, sometimes causing people to ask what the law means in chat. For reference, the current limit on a player-made law is 30 characters. The longest non-player-made law is law 1, which I believe has roughly 52 characters. The box stays the same size regardless of length, so I don't think this would cause a formatting issue. While I don't have an exact number of what I'd wish it be changed to, I believe that anywhere from 52 - 60 would be a great number. This allowed for plenty of space, while at the minimum being able to reach the longest current non-player-made law. These are some very small suggestions I have for Mayor. It's the small things that matter, sometimes! (at least that's what my ex-gf's have told me)
  12. JakePlays

    Rules regarding chatspam

    It simply should come down to the staff member giving out the punishment. However, the staff member VERY strictly needs to have screenshots of what he considers chat spam, so if/when the punishment is appealed, the staff can back up why he believed it to be chat spam.
  13. JakePlays

    False Warn

    For anyone who wants to know how our NLR rule is worded: 2. Do not NLR- New Life Rule; Do NOT return to the scene of your death until the raiders have left the base. If NOT killed during a raid, players must wait 3 minutes before returning to their previous death scene. While I can agree he had no interaction with the raiders, he did still return to the scene of his death. If he was not reported, I would say the raiders had no problem with it. However, if there was a sit involved in this warn, then obviously the raiders had a problem with how close he was to the raid. I could honestly see this appeal going either way, and I think it's going to depend on the Operator that takes the appeal. Personally, however, I'm going to have to -1 this appeal. You did return ot the scene of your death, and you were close enough for the raiders to have a problem. EDIT: I think it was unfair for @fark to suddenly warn @averwhy for NLR, since the Raiders obviously did not have a problem with Aver's distance to the base, even after being killed. I'm changing my opinion to a big +1, since I do believe that since there was no sit or report, Aver should have been given a verbal at most.
  14. JakePlays

    False Warn

    Edit: New reply at the bottom to be able to edit and update properly, full thing that was here is pasted there.
  15. JakePlays

    Mayor's way to cash

    I 100% agree with adding at least one of these. My personal opinion for the addition should be the mayor getting a percentage of the Bail NPC. Bail is $10,000, therefore the mayor would get $1000 per bail. This is great, because it directly reflects how purposeful your laws are, and it reflects how many meaningful arrests your police make. It would take an obsurd amount of bails for the Mayor to have a substantial amount of money for older players, but for newer players, that money can easily set them up for success! I simply couldn't +1 this enough,