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  1. Josh

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    What happened to your hostility towards discord?
  2. Josh

    Upland's Departure

    Conway, just because he is playing on another server doesn't mean that's the reason he left. You are thinking too hard about this. Let him leave in peace.
  3. Josh


  4. Josh


  5. Josh

    Russian Forces Flavor Text

    Some threads should stay on the other forums.
  6. Josh

    This is why i throw

  7. Josh

    Fuck KD

    Warriors just beat the Cavs with a sweep. For those who do not know what I'm talking about, it is the NBA. Kevin Durant had the audacity to join a 73-9 team, the best regular season record the NBA has ever seen. To add more salt to the wound he lost to the Warriors in the playoffs, he lost a 3-1 lead it the finals to them then decides to join them. The past 4 NBA finals have consisted of the Cavaliers led by LeBron James and the Warriors. Up until KD joined back in 2017 it was fun to watch because either team could win, but once KD joined it has been a predictable regular season for the past two years overall ruining the NBA. The second best player in the world ruined the NBA by joining a super team. Don't even get me started with those refs in the WCF who let the Warriors win over Houston.
  8. Josh

    JJ's Staff Application

    +1 you are mature ig and anytime I talk to you give me a sophisticated answer
  9. Josh

    Please fix RU glitch

    It doesn't affect their hitbox, their model just gets distorted for a half second.
  10. Josh

    Dear anybody who misses cscdesert

    lmao I think the only Marine who played on CSdesert was maybe cody.
  11. Josh

    Nerfing the MP5A5

    Oh, a gun that deletes a group of people in no more than 2 seconds is normal? I remember you and your men complained about ISI weapons that were worse than the MP5, why don't you all complain now? Becuase you have the weapon.
  12. Josh

    Nerfing the MP5A5

    " ItS NoT BrOkEn " IMO the only reason people don't want the gun nerfed is that they don't want to see their cruch/only way to kill people get nerfed.
  13. Josh

    Nerfing the MP5A5

    The MP5 has the capability to kill from sniper range, it is a 3-6 shot depending on where you hit. It is superior to nearly every other gun in many situations. You don't need to be skilled to destroy with this weapon, I don't own the MP5 and I have overall stopped engaging at CQC because I always get melted. There really isn't another OP weapon or else people already would have found it. Just because people paid for it doesn't mean it has to be good. There are plenty of bad donor weapons.