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  1. Vernon

    Banned By : CatFisher / NITRP

    Would love to hear from @Catfisher but if u were banned for NITRP im pretty sure catfisher has his reasons
  2. Vernon

    False NLR Ban appeal

    -1In my opinion , the ban was valid unless u got enough proof
  3. Vernon

    FluffyNikki - Permabanned for no reason!

    the ban has been updated to ban evasion, would like to hear more from @Shade Dial
  4. Vernon

    Vernons LOA

    9-17june College exams
  5. Vernon

    Ban Appeal

    Unless u got proof or steamfire admits to not being thorough, ur not getting unbanned
  6. Vernon

    DarkRP Staff Roster | Month of May, 2018

  7. Vernon

    Fark Report

    -1 its consensual rdm and since there was no report made ,its fine
  8. Vernon

    ChaseyDogs™'s Application

    -1 Go read the rules! Someone decline this , no effort put into the app at all
  9. Vernon

    D Δ TONEDE Δ DDUCK's moderator application

    +1 really good in game and i like how u record and make sure that people who rdm get the warns they deserve
  10. Vernon

    Fitz's Moderator Application

    +1 Honestly , my opinion is that the whole two paragraphs minimum is completely irrelevant, ur applying for staff to help the server out , not write half a english paper for ur finals or some shit like that, if ur report is short , but it has sufficient information about urself i feel thats good enough . However modify it abit and read the rules and ur all good
  11. Vernon

    REPORT ON Tenalic the mod

    -1 U have to understand that theres nothing wrong with a staff member being afk and u cannot blame him for not doing so if he is AFK cause he might be busy so i feel tenalic should not be blamed for “not doing his job”
  12. Vernon

    Fitz's Moderator Application

    -1 clearly didnt follow the format “ have you read the rules: yes” and CLEARLY doesnt have enough time to commit to being staff no access to microphone can be excused but it would be easier if u had one sorry to be rude here when i say go and read the bloody format and the rules. So yeah please do so
  13. Vernon

    Chawheads T- mod application

    -1 Know ur rules but , i feel u should wait afew days or at least a week, get to know the community better before applying for staff and also like catfisher said , u were inactive and u just came back so , for me its a -1 sorry dude , reapply in a week at least to prove that ur going to be active instead of just going MIA again
  14. Vernon

    NimbusCloud Moderator Application

    +1 for me , looking forward to working with u on the server and really like the amount of effort put into the application! Add me to refs
  15. Vernon

    Jack the Savage App

    -1 really short app and doesnt show effort at all