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  1. Oatlife

    Sphynxx's Mod application

    -1 I barely see you in game and when I do you are a major minge
  2. Oatlife

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    This is gonna have to be a large -1 from me. Evity provided an abundance of evidence while you provided only words and proof of a ban. It was an obvious RDM in the video and you admitted to Mass RDMing yourself. And also Laws are always AOS, never KOS, not to mention there was no laws at this time (as of the video) and even if there was a KOS law it would have been invalid. Your job as a Civil Protection member is to arrest players until shot upon (until damage was dealt to you) . You should NEVER kill someone as a CP until damage has been dealt. Second where is your proof of this? Fark is a great guy and him donating to the server makes him no less than anyone else who applies for moderater, not to mention the dude has a SHIT load of hours, I think he knows what he is doing. Not to mention, kid doesn't even have a microphone, how was he mic-spamming? Do you have proof of this? All of your arguments on Fark sound like they were pulled out of your ass. Mass RDM is the killing of three or more players for no role play reason. You admitted to killing three players as I showed earlier. Not sure how killing three players does NOT look like mass RDM. And don't try to make it seem as donater staff have no clue what they are doing. They still have to pass the training and the same tests that the applied staff members do, so this argument is 1000% invalid, as most of your arguments are. TL;DR, You broke rules and were punished for them fairly. You had ZERO evidence to back up any claims you made while Evity had multiple videos and screenshots proving everything. You made the claim donater staff are incompetent which is very wrong. You need to wait your very much so deserved punishment time.
  3. Oatlife

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    @Emmathatsme @DarkAlias Can we get an update on the situation?
  4. Oatlife

    Oatlife Custom Class

    The comman was /oat
  5. Oatlife

    DetrudeTV Staff Application

    -1 for reasons stated above
  6. Oatlife


    +1 Good playtime Knows rules well Has staffed before app hurts my eyes :C
  7. Oatlife

    pezzy's staff application

    -1 for reasons stated above
  8. Oatlife

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    I never said that MRP is inferior at all. Hell they are doing way batter than DarkRp that’s for damn sure. I brought this up because as DATONEDUCK said, the server rules are different and if they are masking their opinions based off the MRP rules, then ya their opinion may have parts that are invalid. I understand that their opinion counts, but when their statement have parts that are invalid and may effect the outcome of the verdict, then yes, it is an issue.
  9. Oatlife

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    2* and guess what (they are both MRP players)
  10. Oatlife

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    I'm sorry but him starting the conversation by calling me a garbage staff, while I'm dealing with two different people telling me how I'm doing stuff wrong (although I was not.) Second he even reports to ATT RDMing me in his report. Third it's not breaking staff rules, if there are an insufficient amount of staff taking sits, then you are allowed to take your own sits.
  11. Oatlife

    Staff Handling Situation Terribly!

    So first off as captain (or sheepdog) said, my sit was up for about 5 minutes, seeing as none of the other 2 were taking sits I took it. I told you what you did wrong but you kept arguing shooting me is not ATT RDM. You then told me how logs are invalid and don't prove anything. You even admitted to shooting me first, as a CP your job is to arrest me, not gun me down. I feel I wasn't disrespectful considering this was the third time I was dealing with you. Anyways here are some photo's of the logs: Him ATT RDMing me: https://gyazo.com/2170b354ac5aba7e7ccff70ccb7f3291 Police logs (a bit messy): https://gyazo.com/82de1bdbfedd3996e266cad8c8524d95 I brought up your playtime because playtime does reference knowledge of the game(mode). I know most people haven't looked at the rules this early in their playtime (I know I didn't)
  12. Oatlife

    I don't know what to title this sorry

    Hey. So because I was not wanted, being mugged, being raped, or anything else classifying as an RP situation I technically was allowed to run in spawn. While I was in spawn you arrested me. This is against the rules. Here's another confession : https://gyazo.com/e96d8af83cd0de9b48ef5231a65f81b5 I wanted to give you a warning because i told you multiple times but you were being extremely stubborn about it and you wouldn't get it through your head if you weren't warned.
  13. Oatlife

    Mel Ester Intro

    Thanks for that $10M! I got a $70 custom class from it! Luv u.
  14. Oatlife