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  1. My name is GEO


    Anyone want to play some Warframe? I got about 20 weapons & Frames building in the foundry as of now. If anyone wants to farm some mods, resources, and XP, just poke me in TS. Also I would do some endurance survival. MR 19 here, expect me to be 20 within a week
  2. My name is GEO

    Dear Frosty

  3. My name is GEO

    Russian Elite : Defender

    Bumping this because he came into the server for this. EDIT : WRONG REASON, JUST LOOK DOWN BELOW If that statement is wrong then I'll edit it accordingly.
  4. My name is GEO

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]

    So will there be Judge and Lawyer/Prosecuter classes to go with the courtroom behind the spawn for the cops?
  5. My name is GEO

    Cramps Unban App

    He switched sides of the entire map, he knows how the RU move around to each OBJ. Considering he was a GRU that I myself sniped with the DF M95, he wasn't someone I would say "OH SHIT WTF" to because he wasn't so crazyin RU or be the type of person I wouldn't go up against. I don't know, if you're fucking good in CQC, you get accuastions like this. Cramps already got verbal warned by Phantom to CHILL a bit but he plays like normal again, which means.. something to his mindset and his aim being consistent. Cramps only plays on third person for the most part and the script that milkdud doesn't account for that, you won't get one to one accuracy.
  6. My name is GEO

    Paul's Application

    Hey @Paul, put this in Staff Applications and not in Administration. http://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/forum/23-staff-applications/
  7. My name is GEO

    GEO/Headhunter Staff Application

    To answer your questions, I'll answer the grenade question first. It happened because my Gmod is in Windows borderless mode using command properties from steam. When I click into the game, the game takes the click as a click so it fires a gun or throw a grenade. This was a month ago a week after I joined the server but I can go through SEALs docs to find the date. The matador warn was when I was in alleyway town and mute (2ga mute) in Ghillie came up from the most northwestern apartment and he ran across with his knife so I shot him with the matador and then I considered if I actually committed FRP because I have been warned on it the week I joined back. It shouldn't be a problem now considering I stick to my DF m95 and DF recon class unless someone needs me on NG. If you're confused on where I am talking about, I can take a screenshot and ms paint the location mute was at. Edit: that grenade warn was on 6/1/2018, my warnmenu in-game is wiped so I have no time in which I got the matador warn
  8. My name is GEO

    GEO/Headhunter Staff Application

    Name: GEO/Headhunter Age: 19 Total time on the server: | 1stSFODD SOPT Headhunter has played for 668:27:30. Do you own a microphone: Yes Referrals: Jasmin [optional] Staff History: An FRP Matador warn that Mute like a week ago, I once FRP+RDMx2 by throwing a grenade straight up and it came back down and exploded when I tabbed back in (the scariest time I ever had on this server). All right the bans, the first ban was all the way in June/July 2017 where I didn't close the game out so my brother MassRDM basically. I made an appeal with my brother apologizing and got it shortened into a week. The other ban, which was on August/September 2 of 2017, was in I myself brought upon myself was when I was rocket jumping as Nail. The real crime was when I got the other US around me and they knifed me so logs wouldn't bring it up as RDM so I shot down at the ground to kill them. I was banned for MassRDM by Moedano and took it knowing I did wrong. [warns/bans] Country of Residence: USA, EST time zone Essay Portion Past experiences staffing? A period where I was Mod on a TTT server for 3 weeks until it got bought out then shut down. This was back in 2016 so I'm fuzzy on the name of the server. Infinity Gaming, I believe. Why do you plan on benefiting our server? (100 words minimum) Ever since joining back in the days of April 2016, I had a fun time on the server but I knew it could always improve with the connection of the staff/higher-ups to the new players first joining. Considering my nature of being humble, quiet nature to anyone new that I meet, it would be me doing my best to make sure that no one would be hateful to each other or yell at other people due to them getting angrier over time. When it comes to this server, the main benefit I could bring to it is to do something that no one else would and stick with it enough to be left alone to do by myself. The type of worker I am is silent, productive, and peaceful but of course, I know doing sits with people putting on reports on others would challenge me on my drive to make sure this is something I want to do. Seeing all the new players with the old players with some being high up in the staff ladder would mean I will make goals in order to help the server with appropriate action and authority. And because I never made reentry intro post, I’m fortunate to be back here for the summer of 2018.
  9. My name is GEO

    FN FAL/G3A3 Under-barrel Attachment Balance

    So Prestige shouldn't have the CZ858 if the donator classes are supposed to be the same for both sides (excluding models). Replace the CZ858 with the Frag grenades that it should have.
  10. My name is GEO

    X is the type of nigga to Y

    This was on the old forums in shitpost central so I'm bringing it back here in the new forum. I'll start out nice and simple. @[GG] Copywrite Infragment™ is the type of nigga to join SEALs channel and instantly mute himself as soon as he joins
  11. In-Game Name: 1stSFODD SOPT Headhunter Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57005736 When did the punishment occur?: 8:50pm EST Warn/Ban Reason: RDM but on accident on part of Mimir Who was involved?: Mimir, Me, a PVT, and Ethan Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was a mistake that Mimir made that he warned and jailed me as well. He meant to warn the PVT for RDM but he got my ID instead of the PVT, making take the warn and a jail then unjail. Proof (Screenshots/Recordings): Mimir will say himself that he got the wrong id and said he will respond to this forum post.
  12. Its loud at the end so watch out for that. 'Because too many of you ask where you are going but they just said it'
  13. My name is GEO

    Intel Processor

    Word up, thanks for giving me an excuse to be on pcpartpicker. Tell me if you built your computer or you bought it pre built so i can make a list on pcpartpicker on what you should get.
  14. My name is GEO


    I'm trying to piece together what the video shows. BUT the first video shows a flick and a kill after that, which is one piece of the puzzle.
  15. My name is GEO

    MilitaryRP Update [6/07/2018]

    Totally Accurate BattleGrounds is where its at