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  1. Arnold Smith

    Goodbye MilitaryRP.....

    Says the one that puts that annoying song on ts Anyway I said my piece to you on TS but you will be missed. Since you will be on reserves, come back once and a while. Other than that enjoy your life; Good on you for deciding to prioritize IRL cuz thats more important
  2. Arnold Smith

    Android's Staff Application

    Wow I didnt realize you had 2 bans. I have had all but good interactions with you. You lead well. You have a friendly personality and can be stern when need be. I would love to see what you got as staff. +1
  3. Arnold Smith

    I might go on LOA

    When you are sure please indicate when you will start and come back so it can properly be handled in the LOA tab. We all need breaks once and a while
  4. Arnold Smith

    Uke LOA 7/9-8/4 family emergency

    Thanks for letting us know. And thanks Jasmin for tagging me. I have documented your LOA. I will follow this forum post, if anything changes let me know here. Best of luck with everything. Cya when you get back
  5. Arnold Smith

    Win1 LOA

    Noted, thanks for letting us know Best of luck with your internet. I am going to "follow" this post so reply if anything changes/ if you need longer. Edit: BTW I am only speaking for marines LOA, not for staff. (you put this in administration section)
  6. Arnold Smith

    Allens Staff App

    Correct me if I am wrong; Didn't you just come back from a long absence on the server?
  7. Arnold Smith

    Husky's Staff App

    +1 Can handle situations well. Good under pressure. Would be a nice addition to the team. Best of luck
  8. Arnold Smith

    Bhewy's LOA

    Hope all works out, Bhewy Cya when you get back
  9. Arnold Smith

    Jakes Application

    A long time player, knowledgeable, good leadership (he can take contol of a situation) I am already added as referrals just wanted to explain why.
  10. Arnold Smith

    CoolKid240 staff app

    Wait until you get 75+ hours, get yourself better acquainted with the community and rules in the meantime.
  11. Arnold Smith

    The Flying Nailgunner

    golden indeed. Thanks for bothering me to watch it I look forward to seeing the next random shit you record
  12. Arnold Smith

    Report appeal

    It would make it easier if they had a steam ID @Nexus did you save his steam id? If not they can look this up by your steam id.
  13. Arnold Smith

    Wasdin - Staff Application

    Not much encounter with you, except the good traits I have observed: You have knowledge of the rules and want to punish individuals that break them. Your history of rule violations are from some time ago and can no longer warrant a judgement on your character. You would be a great addition to the staff team +1 Best of Luck with your application
  14. Arnold Smith

    GEO/Headhunter Staff Application

    You are all good man. Thanks for all your honesty, again. Personally do not have many experiences with you ingame, but you do have a fair amount of time with the community, your incidents that happened a year+ ago are of no concern to me. Your recent ones I perceive as accidents, not lapses of judgement or inconsideration of the rules. I haven't seen inconsideration of rules as a problem for you, but another member of the community may want to prove me wrong. I am not at liberty to judge your character and maturity for staff (minimal interaction with you) so I am going to leave it at that. Best of luck
  15. Arnold Smith

    Enter Scene - Nocturnex

    A late welcome but still, welcome to the community. WHat faction on MRP did you decided to join? Also thanks for your (pre) service. Best of luck in bootcamp