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  1. Mel Ester

    RIP x

    Can we copy strike adhd like right now Rip x, and rip copystrike on ur vid
  2. Mel Ester

    DarkRP Update [6/21/2018]

    No problem
  3. Mel Ester

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    Ey fuck you, have fun in the quantum realm
  4. Mel Ester

    RIP X

    I’ll make sure you have a 2 hour minimum break from the internet let me hit up qauntum brb
  5. Mel Ester

    RIP X

    X was one of the better artist we got in this decade he had a past depicted as rough he helped many and he is an idol to many including me. Rest Gently Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
  6. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Intro

    Im gonna have to call up quantum inc. because of the msg
  7. Mel Ester

    When you see a complex lost meme

    God your homos
  8. Happy birthday G-Spot

  9. Mel Ester

    Phantom's interest v1

    id like to participate in this game
  10. Mel Ester


    So i was on youtubeand misliked this livestream then tts was on so i told evity to get on and we fucked with this dude starts at 30:00 (edit fixed the video to start at 30 mins) @Evity
  11. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Intro

    Maybe but I had alts on the forums and I’m not banned on any server so...
  12. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Intro

    Hi im mel HMU to play pubg also first nias