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  1. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Trixie - Mass RDM [Report]

    SteamIDs match up too http://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/topic/83-tgt-ban-appeal/
  2. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Trixie - Mass RDM [Report]

    Yeah it’s someone who keeps alting
  3. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Trixie - Mass RDM [Report]

    The great trixie is actually community banned +1 for perm ban @Grace
  4. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    War where we trick US like a baby

    Someone take OBS away from dillan please
  5. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Raids on US

    It’s kinda cocky/toxic don’t you think
  6. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Raids on US

    We’re you banned? Lol
  7. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    fuck ya'll

    Bre would be ashamed
  8. Imagine getting jumped by a whole bunch of Jewish people and they yell “קח את העורלה שלו”

  9. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Nyx is Gay

    No u
  10. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Dear Duel

    Me: Did you steal my faction my nigga? Duel: Sorry I’m handicapped I don’t speak English Me: ️ Duel: Yah nigga @Duel
  11. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    Trance Player Report

    +1 last I heard using an explosive outside of war is FailRP and 3+ FailRP kills = mass
  12. [GG] Admin | Cameron

    This will bring memories in MRP

    R_3dsky 0