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  1. Not Cool

    Bigger Map?

    @Christopher why is this guy not on the forums :[
  2. Not Cool

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    No, it's just gonna be empty, while everyone will be on discord
  3. Not Cool

    Missing some textures.

    Look at this if I wasn't enough precise
  4. Not Cool

    Missing some textures.

    On the menu, when u launch the game, click on the thing at the bottom right of your screen, a list of source games is supposed to appear, then make sure Counter-Strike:Source is CHECK If it doesn't work, well idk
  5. Tomorow is my last exam, after that, I will play on garnetgaming, in the morning, afternoon and all the night. My friends don't talk to me anymore, because all I talk about is garnetgaming, but that doesn't matter, I don't need them because I will always have garnetgaming

  6. Not Cool

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    rip ts
  7. Not Cool

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    Oke mayb it was a joke...
  8. Not Cool

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    If u put night time, give nightvision to the special force faction
  9. Not Cool

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    no but me i have a gtx 1060, with a 17-7700, so that's not a problem for me, I was just talking for people with bad laptop (the majority of the server)
  10. Not Cool

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    yes garnet but we absolutely need snow for the night time, bc think about the 90% of the server that use shit laptop, they will have to enable "draw shadow" to use their flashlight which cut the fps in half like you say. 5 fps cut in half is not very good but for me it's not a problem
  11. who wants to play tottaly accurate battleground with me?

    1. Not Cool

      Not Cool

      Well I guess I'll play alone

  12. Not Cool

    DarkRP Update [6/08/2018]

    holy shit that's an old thing
  13. Not Cool

    Dear anybody who misses cscdesert

    Maybe we should add back that mechanic to the new map? It could be one of these mini-mission
  14. Not Cool

    DarkRP Map Progress [06/02/2018]

    Are you pointing someone? Real criticism: It's way too clean and lighted, I mean it can be good sometimes, but not for some places, exemple the jail, the jail has to be filled with decals (but not too much) and the light must be... I don't know how to explain, but it must make the player feel unsafe (go see the Lighting psychology) to make them feel like they don't want to come back there. Again I'm waiting for someone to quote me and say it's totally useless, well... "It has been proven that cooler lighting in the "blackbody temperature" spectra will stress players, making them feel uneasy and sometimes even sick, while warmer lighting will not. This subconscious emotional response to lighting can be utilized to deliver purposely lighted environments that will set the mood of player. It can be as simple as choosing between using fluorescent lights(for horror settings) or glowing light bulbs (for safe environments)." ~https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Intermediate_Lighting Also, will you make like a train (func_tanktrain) in the subway? Like a train that can transport us at the other end of the map?