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  1. [GG] Jerran

    Jerrans (Oboshi) Loa

    Alright Thank you. Ill pm you crin once i'm back
  2. [GG] Jerran

    Jerrans (Oboshi) Loa

    I don't have an estimate date.
  3. [GG] Jerran

    Jerrans (Oboshi) Loa

    “That’s illegal”
  4. [GG] Jerran

    Jerrans (Oboshi) Loa

    I’m going to be gone for a little while I’m grounded just letting you guys know so you guy are wondering if I ditched you guys or not I’ll be on the server once I’m back! Aka got grounded for vaping lmao
  5. [GG] Jerran

    Bring Back Navy?

  6. [GG] Jerran

    Bring Back Navy?

    I get you guys are -1 this but could you guys give navy another chance?
  7. [GG] Jerran

    Bring Back Navy?

    Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] I'm Suggesting we should bring back Navy. Yes I remember the old times were people were mingy on navy but all those people have left. Navy could be different now. Pretty much sense everyone is maturing up I feel like something could happen in Navy. Better leadership. Plus Navy will have a SOC group to look up too. I'm not asking for this to happen right now. I'm just asking for your opinion on this idea. Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] This could even out more in factions because a lot of people join US. Maybe Navy Could Prove themselves right this time. Plus this will give more people interest into the Server because theirs a new Factions and they want to try it out and see how it works. Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE] Enlisted E-2 SA: Seaman Apprentice E-3 SN: Seaman E-4 PO3: Petty Officer Third Class E-5 PO2: Petty Officer Second Class E-6 PO1: Petty Officer First Class E-7 CPO: Chief Petty Officer E-8 SCPO: Senior Chief Petty Officer E-9 MCPO: Master Chief Petty Officer E-9 CMCPO: Command Master Chief Petty Officer E-9 MCPON: Master Chief Petty Officer Of Navy. AKA SMMC from Marines Warrant Officers W-2 CW2: Chief Warrant Officer 2 W-3 CW3: Chief Warrant Officer 3 W-4 CW4: Chief Warrant Officer 4 W-5 CW5: Chief Warrant Officer 5 Officers O-1 ENS: Ensign O-2 LTJG: Lieutenant Junior Grade O-3 LT: Lieutenant O-4 LCDR: Lieutenant Commander O-5 CDR: Commander O-6 CAPT: Captain O-7 RDML: Rear Admiral Lower Half O-8 RADM: Rear Admiral O-9 VADM: Vice Admiral 0-10 ADM: Admiral O-11 FADM: Fleet Admiral
  8. [GG] Jerran

    How to make the text messages stay up longer

    I CoUlDn'T uNdErStAnD yOu At ThE eNd.
  9. [GG] Jerran

    Staff Application-Jack Daniels

    -1 Even tho you sound like a good guy and all but i recommend you get more hours like at 90 hours or 100. I waited tell I got to 100 to understand more about the server and staff team.
  10. [GG] Jerran

    Bhewy's Staff Application (Corrected)

    +1 Reasons Above
  11. [GG] Jerran

    JJ's Staff Application

    +1 Really good guy and really mature guy defiantly ready for staff team
  12. [GG] Jerran

    Win1 Staff Aplication

    -1 make your staff app more buffed up. This is a super shot app if your going to apply at least put work into it.
  13. [GG] Jerran

    Mob / Boomer's Staff Application

    -1.. You are a good person and a good SEAL but try to put more effort into your application if you make you app more buff then I might change my mind.
  14. [GG] Jerran

    Conway Meta

    When i first watch the video a couple of time i didn't notice the gun. Now i do. But it was only one person that was holding the gun out the rest of the people could be civs. But sense your removing the 2nd ROE then this shouldn't be a warn.
  15. [GG] Jerran

    Conway Meta

    Sorry conway but +1 in real life situation how are you going to know if it GRU or a civiallian. You cant just callout someone when there all holding keys. Remember the 2nd ROE if you see someone with keys out they are a civiallian. This is a big +1