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  1. Vibe

    About The Green Beret Classes

    The GB Rifle is fucking amazing I've been both a ranger and a GB and I would use that over my AEK back on desert. As long as you hit your shots it can be used as a reliable DMR that can provide cover fire and weaken opponents so your guys with the Super can easily breach and take out or throw your amazing grenades. The fact that you are saying the grenade is underpowered is fucking ridiculous. Russia has 2 explosive classes but both are on officers classes and one is for a tier 3 faction. The fact that you are sad that you don't have a sniper is stupid. GB IS A CQC FACTION. That's why they have a shotgun class (aka something a lot of other factions don't have). Play around with the classes and learn how to use them properly and efficiently before making rants and suggestions
  2. Vibe

    Defining the Specialty of USASF and SEAL

    Shrugger wtf is your signature
  3. Vibe

    KOS sign in RR's

    Shooting the door down was considered FailRP. Hard to check who shot the door unless you get video evidence though. +1 to the actual suggestion though.
  4. Vibe

    Hyperion Ban

    Old Alq guy who got into blackguard before he got exposed for hacking
  5. Vibe

    Hyperion Ban

    The second clip doesn't really explain much because he could literally just be in an apartment behind you and see your body since you were third personing. The first clip is a bit fishy but your gun might be sticking out and you killed him too so either he's trying to hide it or he just got lucky with a few pop shots. I know he's a pretty fishy player and he did hack before but we need more proof before any judgment is given. For right now -1.
  6. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Vega members have recieved peepee inlargment surgery to continue to fuck US.

  7. Vibe


    Clear proof
  8. I agree with Crin people should just record their gameplay. This type of system I'm guessing would be a bitch to code and all the staff would have to know the coordinates of certain things.
  9. Vibe

    Am i ever gonna be allowed back on MRP

    Didn't you cheat and then lied about it on multiple occasions
  10. Vibe

    Learn to lead

    I've been naed naed
  11. Vibe

    Learn to lead

    When you kill a SOC faction and not an MP faction.
  12. Vibe

    Soc Factions skill level

    You really hate to see that happen
  13. Vibe

    bishop g’bye

    *Salute Cadet Broken Arm* You're my boi and even though I meme about your broken arm you are still my boi. I'll never forget the Sadam Gas incident with 055 I'll never forget drunk Gru Tryouts. Hope you get in TS sometimes peace my dude.
  14. Vibe

    Donation Transfer

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63191509 Transfer Items: I bought the Suzuki and UAZ and want to change them for the RU elite class defender, dab, and surrender emote Documented Proof of Purchase: UAZ 851477876D330263P Suzuki 3LC48412M8936734G
  15. Vibe

    Nomad's Departure.

    What did you say Michael