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  1. This was denied. I don’t see why there is discussion continued. Let him take care of his case with Zed.
  2. .lua


    Who is this guy? Like for real? ill miss you, but not really we will be playing fortnite
  3. Welcome back. What server do you plan on playing on with your return. I remember seeing your name across the old forums but I wasn’t here when you played. Congratulations on your achievements. 276
  4. .lua

    I might go on LOA

    They need a time period of how long you will be absent for.
  5. .lua

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    +1 You seem like a cool guy, I haven't had problems with you. I don't talk to you really in-game but in TeamSpeak it was a pleasant conversation. Fix some grammar issues in the essay portion and I think this is fine. Unless you can provide evidence to back your word as you are making a big time span from desert to now. You are putting out a strong claim there without evidence which can change the whole application if it is true.
  6. .lua


    If you truely killed two recruits you wouldn’t have been banned. Unless you damaged another, as said before follow the format.
  7. .lua

    Trance Player Report

    Denied. You have failed to provide enough evidence to pursue action upon this user. Unless the defendant admits to such by telling me then verdict will change. If you want to give anymore evidence you can send it to my PMs. @Phantom
  8. .lua

    Trance Player Report

    Unless you have proof to show that those 3 people who he killed were not out of base then this will be denied.
  9. .lua

    Clash of Clans

    I would try Clash again but taking care of my TH10 and TH9 is a lot of work.
  10. ... Honestly I think he just has a really good gaming chair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9hJ44WoAUY&feature=youtu.be
  11. I had to do it to him. If posts an actual appeal then I'll provide my evidence.
  12. .lua

    Increase The IQ of Garnet Gaming Admins

    Cramps using Citizen and then gets banned once he gets spectated. Lucky I didn't ban you before you got in Delta.
  13. .lua

    TS Overlay

    Buy a second monitor
  14. .lua

    Moldy's Ban Appeal

    Denied. Reasoning due to some executive do not really want you back nor do I see someone who got themself in your position to be given another chance if they knew the consequence. This sounds exactly like your old appeal that you made before just changed minorly which isn't too great in my opinion. As said if there will ever be another ban wipe then there is your second chance if given. @Phantom @Gildarts | GarnetGaming