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  1. Brandon

    This was difficult...

    Yax during my time as an officer in sso you never ceased to amaze me and I feel i fell into the same hole of not being able to keep up that you did and my views changed. I’m glad to see you made it this far in sso and it’s good to see you are leaving before anything goes wrong (join US?) nah I’m kidding you do you
  2. 653 Welcome back man glad to hear that your improving your self!
  3. There is only 2 Genders, Change my mind. @steven Crowder 

    1. Simon G

      Simon G

      I identify as a toaster and if you call me man i will do a citizen arrest thingy on you. Your opinion is irrelevant to us toasters.

  4. Brandon

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    -1 I have heard him do that before and I agree with what cypher said and what bishop said just makes it worse
  5. Brandon


    It means hello in Korean
  6. Brandon

    Adding Rohan to Turtle + Turtle addition

    Did you not see his status update. Common Rohan
  7. Brandon

    My final goodbyes.

    Finally someone said some competent shit I can agree with. Thank you!
  8. Brandon

    DarkRP Map Progress [07/09/2018]

    I like the graffiti on the walls. Definitely a nice update of the old map sofar
  9. Brandon

    Shrugger - Staff Application

  10. Brandon


    Asshole, but agreed
  11. To everyone that thinks you get all your stuff from DarkRP on police RP the only reason you have them is because garnet most likely copy and pasted the DarkRP server files  so he didn’t need to start from scratch on PoliceRP since they are similar hence the reason you have all your things.

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    2. rauler


      while we are playing 2d chess, this man is on a higher plane of thinking, can't even begin to comprehend the 5d chess games he plays.

    3. Tayler



    4. Evity


      I’m assuming it’s temporarily under the DarkRP database due to it still being in development, And will be carried over to a new database once finished.

  12. Brandon

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]

    Shut up fatty
  13. Brandon

    Husky's Staff App

    +1 Kohler you are a very respectable person and I would love to see you staff!
  14. Brandon

    Jakes Application

    +1 reasons Stated above, you definetly have a head above your shoulders and I would love to see you staff!
  15. Brandon

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]

    Becuase I said i was resigning lol