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  1. gambler01dyer

    Delphin's Staff Application

    +1 Hes not only shown kindness but also maturity both in and out of wars.
  2. gambler01dyer

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    Some of this is understandable as even i know i was childish back on SWRP, however i wasn't bais as the RED leader you are talking about had his whitelist removed not long after joining 104th as so did I. But i would like to say i have in many ways changed and have grown in knowledge and with the reports you speak of i was only reported twice and one was valid the other report on the forms was due to my false demotion in shock for doing my job but all of this was a very long time ago enough to mature. I do however respect your opinion and will use it to fix anything i have missed in the pass mouths since SWRP so i think you for the feedback and the old memory's.
  3. gambler01dyer

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    I am thankful for the feedback and i have truly changed however i was never staff on SWRP so were are you getting your info from? Also i was never bais to my knowledge nor was i reported many times on the old forms and its been a big gap in between so if anything am mostly confused at the moment?
  4. gambler01dyer

    I Wonder

    Just saying what i have seen ingame buth thx
  5. gambler01dyer

    I Wonder

    -1 As losing a war is bad enough and doing something like that would in my opion hurt people more then fucking up a war or DB for it as it a insult to injury.
  6. gambler01dyer

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    General Information Age: 20 Total time on the server: | MARSOC WO Gambler has played for 609:23:39. Do you own a microphone: Yes Referrals: Gotham, wasdin, Versetti Staff History: 1, however past expired Country of Residence: US Essay Portion Past experiences staffing? Former DRP mod on GG and former senior Admin on revival SCP sever. Why do you plan on benefiting our server? (100 words minimum) I want to benefit not only the RP of the sever but also the staff side as i have come to enjoy interactions with people and this has given me much to not only learn but to develop and gain in both skills and maturity. I also want to add to the staff team not only with my experience but also my own level of maturity which still has room to grow like many other things. I have lots of experience with dealing with people both in sits and in just common arguments and like others i have come to learn how to deal with these as they happen and i try to come to an understanding and something like this in my own opinion would be helpful in not only in a staff environment but in the Player environment as well. This will give players someone to either admire or to aspire to be as the staff have done to me in the same way. something i feel the staff team would like to not only have but to further there talents and maturity to more then what they first were. Finally, i also wish to improve the joy players may have on the sever and grow there happiness in the sever with dealing with both minges and common arguments.
  7. gambler01dyer

    Garnet Gaming Memories

    First day-ish joining https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1059153610 Cuffing a NG was harder then people think back then https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1144556875 Ahh the good days when people thought they were special and could walk into MP hall priceless https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1144404861 Bishop back at it again https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1146068435 Afghan always need driving lessons https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1147054123
  8. The person who said "The pen is mightier then the sword." never met my Scar-L AR in his life.

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    2. Agent 224

      Agent 224


    3. Charlie



      thats not a sword

    4. Agent 224

      Agent 224

      But smoke isn't a screen and we call it smoke screen so why can't my black smoke be a fucking God sword.

  9. gambler01dyer

    PoliceRP Update [7/6/2018]

    I like this, also #MPSAREBETTER
  10. gambler01dyer

    banned with no warning

    Still a warn about that would of been nice, however if the major at the time made a KOS law and clueless cops fallowed it.... You should of kept a look out at the laws of the land and mass RDMers as i see as of right now this is a two way thing cause this poor guy is really confused it seems.
  11. gambler01dyer

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    going to miss you even though i was going to be working under you REEE (Also PUMP is in vega/2GA hes on from time to time)
  12. gambler01dyer

    MRP Suggestion

    Understandable. My suggestions still stands.
  13. gambler01dyer

    MRP Suggestion

    I would like the Marksmen for both US/RU swapped to either a sniper class or a bit better DMR. (dont hate, but..) Nerf the MP5 a bit to were it can't gun down 3/4+ with people on both sides with no effort (Class reasoning) I see most if not all Marksmen be told to stay in the OBJ or post somewhere near the OBJ in turn killing them EZ so a sniper (L115) would in my opinion would benefit both factions PvP action and provide some interesting RP as well, also the US DMR has a very slow fire-rate to were in close/mid range its dropped in effectiveness as its fire-rate is not good enough to hold any advancing RU/US. (MP5 Nerf reasoning) Alot of people dislike the MP5 and those who even buy this gun still hate it but only but it to stand at least a chance VS those who have it already so its really just killing good PvP action to where the fun of going to war is kinda lost when MP5s are brought in as you see a good amount of RU/US running around using them as of late i would like to recommend a nerf or a weapon change as many are left with a sick taste with the MP5. Thank you for reading.
  14. US: "Don't worry vega are just human to we can take them!" *5 mins later* half the force dead and we lost town >_>


    RU: "Dont worry we can take MARSOC ez!" *4mins later* all of GRU/2GA dead and town capped by MARSOC


    wonderful logic

    1. Vibe


      With these upgrades, you never stood a chance.

    2. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

      Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

      That really puts a smile on my face.

  15. gambler01dyer


    You can just click insert and mess around with the view to what you want.