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  1. sbens

    Reporting Evity

    -1 does anyone know how to migrate a minecraft premium account to mojang so I can play minecraft? fuck you and your response bum
  2. why are you a gay man pls?

  3. sbens

    Help Me Build a New Gaming PC

    Yeah it looks pretty ugly lmao I don't really care though, I just want a cheap case. I'll keep this in mind, thanks.
  4. sbens

    Garnet Gaming Memories

    @Garnet Remember this? POWER RANGERS @Phantom Everybody was on RPG lmao Broken player model @ADHD Shephard didn't like this FailRP masterpiece. Who wants to see santa?
  5. sbens

    I Wonder

  6. sbens

    $200 Unboxing

    Bishop is too dumb to even type the the letter E on a keyboard or click a mouse. #BlackLivesMatter
  7. I want to build a new gaming PC, I don’t really want to drain my bank account but I’ll spend enough to make a decent PC. First build $1000: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/sbens/saved/fJX9WZ Second build $700: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/sbens/saved/BGY6XL I could really use some advice on what parts to choose, or if somebody wants to make me a build that would be great. (Please keep it under $1000). Tagging @Garnet because I know he’s educated in this.
  8. What’s worse, @Jackal l GarnetGaming.net ‘s toxicity or @Phantom ‘s bias?

    1. Alex Conway

      Alex Conway

      Phantoms inability to see Daddy @Garnet super duper map skills

    2. Greasy Dan

      Greasy Dan

      Upsetti spaghetti

  9. sbens

    Evity's LOA

    have fun evity i hope it great trip!
  10. Whichever one creates a high FPS has my vote.
  11. sbens

    A sexual fantasy

    where poppy at tho
  12. Didn't Jester "accidentally" turn his hacks on too?
  13. sbens

    Setting a Few Things Straight

    Sorry bud, but this will never happen.
  14. sbens

    Normac Mass Failrp

    +1 The proof is there, and I saw this happen myself.