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  1. Tayler

    RIP X

    The saddest part was the people running up to the car to film his dead body. I guess everyone needs clout somehow
  2. Tayler


    That didn't really answer the question, and I know they had tryouts because I made them. Just curious cause I've seen you post multiple screenshots but as ST3 only
  3. Tayler


    Why does it say DEVGRU in your sig if you were only ST3
  4. Tayler

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    If this isn't a joke, that's pretty funny considering the massive amount of people using teamspeak now
  5. Tayler

    Defining the Specialty of USASF and SEAL

    Is the signature part of the suggestion like holy fuck brother. What in the fuck is the point of listing anything lower than your highest rank
  6. You're not a veteran unless you log onto the forums to put some cringe ass status post like the guy below me 

    1. Duel


      You're not a veteran until you miss staff meetings and think you can get away with it 

    2. Tayler


      When phantom is annoying

    3. Tayler


      Look at yourself dickweed

  7. Tayler

    Staff Applications

    Crying over someone getting denied. omegaLUL
  8. Tayler

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    What would be the point of making a post asking for opinions to just disregard them
  9. Tayler

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    Holy YIKES, you're lost
  10. Tayler

    Fucking skid communities

    I just blocked him. But honestly, what's to get hurt about? They clearly are desperate, let them be. Or don't I guess it's really not a big deal lmao
  11. Tayler

    Russian Forces Flavor Text

    Loving the original idea. Creativity thrives in these forces
  12. Tayler

    Am i ever gonna be allowed back on MRP

    Play lots of pubg with garnet and he'll probably unban you
  13. Tayler


    what are you even suggesting this for