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  1. Zaroni Pepperoni

    DoUF3arMe staff app

    -1 Not nearly enough length. it's not our job to make the app the first time if he fixes I will edit my -1 to a +1, but I am still going to -1
  2. Zaroni Pepperoni

    VietnamVeteran Ban Appeal

    you were banned by @D Δ TONEDE Δ DDUCK 2018-07-19 - 02:01:42 VietnamVeteran(STEAM_0:0:115042253) DΔT ONE DEΔD DUCK(STEAM_0:0:30304121) 08-00:00 Att. Mass RDM
  3. Zaroni Pepperoni

    VietnamVeteran Application

    just edit it.
  4. Zaroni Pepperoni

    VietnamVeteran Application

    Read these staff rules and carefully.
  5. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Gondar's Moderator Application

    -1 Very Short application Please explain these 2 bans 2018-07-02 - 22:08:22 PracticingTheNurse(STEAM_0:1:98859558) The King of Rohan(STEAM_0:1:57142998) 08-00:00 mass propblock 2018-02-17 - 15:20:21 PracticingTheNurse(STEAM_0:1:98859558) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ SaltedPeanutMan(STEAM_0:0:80539665) 03-00:00 NITRP Here are the current staff rules, read all of them.
  6. Zaroni Pepperoni


    22-29th Visiting Family in Florida
  7. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Jay - Moderator Application

    +1 Nice effort in the app and is experienced. Add me to Refs B
  8. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Reporting Evity

    +1 Although it was obviously a joke, it still counts as disrespect. Sorry boi but you threw your jokes at the wrong boi
  9. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Reporting MOD IIIIIIIII For banning wrong guy

    +1 Screenshot the logs thot.
  10. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Close the app

    wow, mel exposed your ass even more then he did to me 1 year back. -1 Even if it was a year ago, he would be 18 then. being an adult and thretening to DDoS the server shows some deep engrained immaturity. also, reporting a -1 is not very constructive at all. and ranting to phantom and calling him a "Communist" and "Corrupted Staff" (wat) was sorta the third strike.
  11. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Bob Jenny Staff Application

  12. Zaroni Pepperoni

    New model for Staff on Duty

    +1 I Tire of being T H I C C
  13. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Vapr Staff Application

    +1 Overlooking the bans, you seem like a nice fit for staff and have matured up since then. Add me to refs B
  14. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Bob Jenny Staff Application

    -1 Even if you did not solicit porn from a minor, your app is weak and I never see you ingame.
  15. Zaroni Pepperoni

    Lowcuts taking his own sit while other staff online

    +1 As above.