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  1. Agent 224

    DoUF3arMe staff app

    I wont make a decision yet but instead give you a chance here.Your app looks pretty decent minus the spelling mistakes which I do hope you will fix.You don't really specify why we should except you over others, good luck tho.<3
  2. Agent 224


    Try not to get blown into smithereens by the volcano.
  3. Agent 224

    Goodspot - Moderator application

    What the hell?First off you have to specify how many warns you have,Second thing is you had the nerve to apply while still banned,Third thing is you have to specify your playtime,Fourth is that does not count as a referral,Fifth you have been banned multiple times and you stated that you hate the server.Holy shit this is really bad.
  4. Agent 224

    MP5 Nerf (again)

    Welp time to throw my MP5 in the trash.I'll just snipe people with no recoil wit my bayonet.
  5. Rule 16 does say Do not build in streets and its obvious that you aren't allowed to prop block so ill have to say -1 and sorry :p.
  6. Agent 224

    the tommy gun is broken with proof.

    For real thought you were talking about Fortnite...Speaking of Fortnite it looks like you took the bloom from Fortnite and slapped it on the Tommy lmao.
  7. If I ever make a staff app or an appeal etc. I will add my CC info along with my address.Don't take this as diss tho.
  8. Agent 224

    Closed App

    -1,ur app seems porely done,I have have never heard of the rank KPT in RU,you dont really give good reasons on how u can benefit the server.On a side note Lil Uzi doin some freaky demonic shit.
  9. This nigga put down his Email,if people spam u ill laugh my ass off.+1.
  10. Lol u nerd,it's worth it cuz you can play B-ball.
  11. Agent 224

    multiple player report

    +1 for all of these.On a side note,I own the rights of the first name of "Agent" meaning I fucked up half of ISI.
  12. Glad to see you back Eben!Where the fuck are those V-bucks tho? Meh number is 13 cuz I feel like its a low number.