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  1. Emmathatsme

    Thomas -Moderator Application

    +1 Good app, good potential. Thomas, I see you like to highlight some of the important parts of your application, but some of the words don't make much sense to highlight.
  2. I mean if you propblocked spawn, then your not just trapping him, but trapping innocent players in too. So now its like hunting in a chicken coop for him being able to kill anyone that respawns with no exit.
  3. Emmathatsme

    Staff application -Sp1r1t

    -1 Paragraphs are there, the substance is questionable, the app looks like an unfinished puzzle, and the grammar, you know. I feel the effort you put on this app correlates to what you may put in-game. and, this... You actually made me die.
  4. Emmathatsme

    Jay - Moderator Application

    +1 Good app, but why don't just stick with one server?
  5. Emmathatsme

    multiple player report

    Accepted/Locked Malittle will be banned for 1 week due to mass RDM. Vote Yes will be banned permanently for scamming. Ski Mask The Jew will be banned for 1 Week due to propminge. GuyHay will be banned for 1 week for propblocking spawn Homeboy Bnob will be banned permanently for DDOS threats. and +1 to you, the execution of this was incredible. @The King of Rohan Please Lock
  6. Emmathatsme

    Stanist Staff Application

    +1 I see good potential, plus we need more active staff.
  7. Emmathatsme

    Vapr Staff Application

    Look at dis dude comin over here +1
  8. Emmathatsme

    New model for Staff on Duty

    I guess being over a year old makes me still new
  9. Emmathatsme

    Martin Ban Appeal

    Denied/Locked The Reporter admitted to the thing he was banned for. @The King of Rohan Please Lock
  10. Emmathatsme

    New model for Staff on Duty

    Too bad i'm still banned for mass rdm.
  11. Emmathatsme

    New model for Staff on Duty

    I think that we should change the player model to some HL2 base model, such as the Gman or maybe a combine gas mask guy (with the white gas mask) because both are not used. The current model gets a lot of shit from players and staff combined. Gas Mask Guy:
  12. Emmathatsme

    Revoking Appeal

    @The King of Rohan Please lock
  13. Emmathatsme


    Accepted/Locked The player will be banned for 1 month because of propspam. @The King of Rohan Please lock
  14. Emmathatsme

    Lowcuts taking his own sit while other staff online

    I can't accept this but the proofs all there. +1
  15. Emmathatsme

    Ban for nlr appeal

    Denied/Locked Even though you may have not known what you did wrong, it's your responsibility to read the rules so you don't break them. It's only a 2 day ban anyways, not anything too serious. @The King of Rohan Please Lock