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  1. PrisonNightmare

    Emma's Staff Report

    This, it just seems so petty to report someone that was trying to help someone really quick like this guy did. But a staff rule is a staff rule unfortunately
  2. PrisonNightmare

    been way to long

    This. bring back the quality memes m9
  3. PrisonNightmare

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    The only reason why I'm kind of liking the Discord over TS is because I don't have to have two open now, I can just prioritize Discord. Although I much prefer TS but no one uses it these days. But yeah, it does seem like a lot more people are using the TS than ever. But I bet the discord will attract a lot more people than the TeamSpeak ever did/does. although i barely get on the TS anyways cause I don't really play much anymore lol
  4. Your signature makes me want to die. Why must you make it so long?

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    2. Garnet


      He wants to feel special

    3. [GG] Cypher

      [GG] Cypher

      He's compensating for something else that isn't very long.


    4. Shrugger
  5. PrisonNightmare

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    I thought you hated Discord?
  6. PrisonNightmare

    been way to long

    hello there, long time no see friend
  7. PrisonNightmare

    Upland's Departure

    Drama's over. He knows what he did wrong so no need to bring it up again.
  8. PrisonNightmare

    Upland's Departure

    This post just made me depressed. So what if he is? If he's not having fun let him leave in peace and join another community after all we're all here to have fun, and if he isn't then it's his free choice to leave for another community where he can have more fun. Why do you try to criminalize people for this lmao.
  9. PrisonNightmare

    GRU Tryout Certification to Attend

    I see where you're coming from and I agree with some things on what you are saying now. I don't want to spam up this thread too much so thank you for actually having a debate/conversation with me instead of just throwing insults, I appreciate that.
  10. PrisonNightmare

    GRU Tryout Certification to Attend

    Last time I checked SSO and GRU numbers were doing just fine, but then again I haven't been active on the server much so maybe not. Honestly I think this idea is better than just doing tryouts, because you weed out the people who aren't going to be dedicated to said SOC faction. A SOC faction is supposed to be an elite force compared to its based faction counter parts correct? So it makes more sense that you would try to do this to get more "dedicated" members than just some dude that tryouts and passes just to never get back on the server or the faction again. I see where you are coming from bishop, and you're right that people should be concerned about the faction, I agree with that now. but this really isn't the thread to do it in, why don't you contact Savitr in DM's if you have concerns instead of people doing it in public like this where it's spamming up the thread? I feel like people need to give this way of bringing people into the faction again. Also, the only reason why VEGA isn't "dead" (Although not many are on at the same time from what I know) is because they were for the most part hand picked dedicated players by Garnet and Phantom themselves, kind of like what GRU is trying to accomplish here. Vega at a time did applications for bringing people into the faction so why can't GRU?
  11. PrisonNightmare

    GRU Tryout Certification to Attend

    Sorry, the aggression was more towards the other dude, but you still shouldn't do it in the application thread. I broke the rule too, but I've seen this with other people when they try to do this and it's pissing me off to the point of where I have to say something.
  12. PrisonNightmare

    GRU Tryout Certification to Attend

    Can yall just like not give a fuck about what other factions do? He's leading it so don't fucking worry about it and don't fill up their application thread with useless bullshit like this,
  13. PrisonNightmare

    Cody Drax 1MD/MARSOC Resignation

    Cya Drax, didn't really talk to you much but it's sad seeing you resign. All though, I understand the feeling of being burnt out so I can understand why you did it. Have fun playing Dota 2 and whatnot!
  14. PrisonNightmare

    Michael Conway's Introduction

    What are the chances of having two conways in the same community lmfao. Welcome my dude!
  15. PrisonNightmare

    Dear anybody who misses cscdesert

    That map can go fuck itself. I hated it even when the server was on it. Never liked, never will. The only reason that I would "like" it would be because of the nostalgia of playing on it, but that's not enough to bring that map back lmfao.