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  1. Frosty

    Crin - False Warn - Staff Report

    Well i mean, its pretty understood that using the n word in your name is frowned upon, but according to your story, this imo does not warrant a harrassment warn. The second warn was false, and thus +1 to the removal of the 2nd warn. For the first warn, ill wait for the other side of the story to set my +1/-1.
  2. Frosty


    and try deleting all of the old server maps form your addons
  3. Frosty


    who r u
  4. Frosty

    Russian Forces Flavor Text

  5. Frosty

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    sunset looks dope tbh
  6. Frosty

    Hyperion Ban

    Are these fishy? Yes Is it enough to warrant a ban? No, -1.
  7. Frosty

    KOS sign in RR's

    +1 just change the sign to say "Please type /comms I need a trainer" to summon a trainer.
  8. Frosty

    GRU Meeting

    yeah ill be there
  9. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    im going to build it around the cpu. haven't gotten anything else yet, just looking for a cheap solid CPU.
  10. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    all i know is that i have 8GB ram, don't know that much about it.
  11. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    same one
  12. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    i currently have the same thing, is there anything else that increases/decreases fps?
  13. Frosty

    Intel Processor

  14. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    is this serious or no
  15. Frosty

    Intel Processor

    im asking for more opinions lol