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  1. SaltedPeanutMan

    Banned for Mass Prop Spam while using Printer

    I actually saw your friend having a shit bunch of gates and drawers in a warehouse, Grace should have the screens of that but it's better to let someone else make their own appeal so they can explain their side better
  2. SaltedPeanutMan

    How to be a cop without getting banned!

    Common sense guide, all it takes is a quick read of police rules, something that everyone skims over.
  3. Pull a spooky and ask for nudes first, if she says no, just block her immediately.
  4. SaltedPeanutMan


    This is ignorance at the highest level, being warned 6 times wouldn't even be a proper punishment for breaking that many rules, just admit your mistakes and read the rules next time you're gonna play ¯\_(ツ)_/
  5. SaltedPeanutMan

    Doom Eternal

    If you look into the backround you can see an Arch-Vile, hope they're not given the same abilities they have in the classic games
  6. SaltedPeanutMan

    DetrudeTV Staff Application

    Jeez it's still not edited, dude hasn't even bothered to come back online the forums to even check it, -1 for the reasons above