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  1. Shrugger

    The Numbers Station

    Explain for the news.
  2. Shrugger

    fuck ya'll

    What about me homie
  3. Welcome back Eben. Glad to see you form yourself into a great man. Number is 49
  4. Shrugger

    Android's Staff Application

    +1, super mature and chill.
  5. Shrugger

    AlphA's Staff App

    +1, for reasons stated above.
  6. Shrugger

    Delphin's Staff Application

    You do realize hes going to have to change his steam name to his chosen staff name with GG right?
  7. Shrugger

    Delphin's Staff Application

    +1, your dedicated and very mature. You would be a great fit for the staff team.
  8. Commitment

    Leading a Faction > Owning an inactive 100 man rust server

  9. Shrugger

    New RP Gamemodes

    Bring back Star Wars!
  10. MFW you realize that everyone who kills in duels are RDMers.

  11. Shrugger

    Shrugger - Staff Application

    I try not to say anything during applications. The reason apps stay here for a few days before being accepted or denied is for a community response which may or may not influence the decision of the staff who accepts/deny. I wouldn't sully this by trying to argue with every single person who declares me unfit. I am here to be judged by both staff and community so have at it!