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  1. Phantom

    Lifting of Blacklist on 2GA - Vladikoff

    You deadass used definitions to "prove" that you shouldn't have been blacklisted. I dunno, but from what I've seen from you, I wouldn't be surprised if the allegations against you are true. I know you have a history of being insubordinate and passive aggressive, which is what other 2GA have said about you. On top of that, you spent however long to type all of this up, which doesn't prove anything except that you are pissed and can't come up with any physical evidence that you aren't a minge.
  2. Phantom

    Raid During Separate DBs

    Just a clarification on raids. Make sure that you are not firing on enemies that are having separate DBs that are indoors. If it is outdoors or not in an enclosed building with a roof, it may be fired upon.
  3. Phantom

    Close the app

    Calls me a "communist" in PMs and ask me to close his app. What a lad.
  4. Phantom

    Close the app

    You really haven't added anything substantial to your "argument." Instead, you are turning your staff app into a joke.
  5. Phantom

    Raids on US

    Uncomfortable, no. Intrigued, yes.
  6. Phantom

    Close the app

    Reported Mel for saying "Minge" and quickly changed it to a -1. Granted, as I told Targets and Mel, it is not very constructive criticism and shouldn't really be used when deciding a verdict, but to report someone on the forums for something so little and then using the typical "well I will do the same from now on," it really demonstrates how Targets really should not be a staff member. -1
  7. Phantom

    Raids on US

    Okay Dillan, explain this video.
  8. Sometimes newer players just need to be more environmentally aware and understand when to make suggestions and when not to. Food for thought.
  9. Phantom

    Missing Ghillie [PROOF] [MilitaryRP]

    You're gonna need to get the transaction ID from your father, that's the only way I know Garnet handles donation support. Sorry.
  10. Phantom

    ingorn mistake

    Just stop applying dood.
  11. Phantom

    Staff Application

    Denied. Cooldown extended back to a week from today.
  12. You're looking good. Glad to see you are working to improve your life. I'm not gonna enter the giveaway, but wanted to give you at least some words of encouragement and congratulations.
  13. Phantom

    Missing Ghillie [PROOF] [MilitaryRP]

    Just need the transaction ID from the PayPal for the purchase(s).
  14. Phantom

    Delphin's Staff Application

    I don't see why his steam name should have anything to do with his ability to staff. I'm not endorsing him, but the steam name should not be an indicator of whether or not he will be accepted.