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  1. Yama

    Sphynxx's Mod application

    Denied Feel Free To Re-Apply In 3 Days! @The King of Rohan Lock & Move Please don't respond to this post after a decision has been made.
  2. Yama

    been way to long

    Reminds me of my old twitter xd, post pictures of my cat and my CSGO wins and Gandalf smoking a blunt
  3. Yama

    been way to long

    wE WanT m0rE MRp iN rEAl lIFe
  4. Yama

    banned with no warning

    Sounds like it was Mass RDM (As you can't enforce KOS laws or kill people repeatedly for being annoying) but the problem lies with your side saying that you were not informed of why you were banned. @123 That's not up to you.
  5. Step 1: Add her Step 2: Before she say hello send her a dick pic Step 3: ??? Step 4: Prison time Please donate me robux tho I will take vbux, this guide took me a long time to make.
  6. Yama

    RIP X

  7. Yama

    Can I get admin

    Accepted! Contact doodle bob on the server to receive your rank of super admin! @The King of Rohan Lock & Move please
  8. Yama

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    Praise be to Garnet coming to the present day. Jk
  9. Yama

    Pride month!!!!!

    Not toxic, just homophobic
  10. Yama

    Pride month!!!!!

    All of them homos need to seek out Jesus! Go to your local church (not a mosque or synagogue) and pray that gay away!
  11. Yama

    .iblueYT STAFF APP

    Can you spend more then 3 minutes on this section, reading this makes be believe you're 10 years old.
  12. Yama

    DetrudeTV Staff Application

    Edit with correct format or this will be Denied
  13. Yama

    Puremotive's staff application

    Denied You may re-apply when you're 13 years old. @The King of Rohan Lock & Move Please
  14. Yama

    Yama's LOA

    June 16th - June 25th Taking a family trip down to Missouri to visit my Grandparents. @Catfisher @The King of Rohan Note: Yes, my activity has been lessened as of late... this is due to personal reasons along with a busy schedule. Hopefully after this trip I can maintain activity.
  15. Yama

    Rub's LOA extention

    "Have to do stuff" Yea that's not a valid reason, please respond with a valid reason and I'll add it to the docs.