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  1. Wasdin

    Android's Staff Application

    +1 - Great Character, Mature, Red Sox fan
  2. Wasdin

    AlphA's Staff App

    Agreeable, -1
  3. Wasdin

    Delphin's Staff Application

    Oh this is Williamson, a big fat -1 from me, seems pretty immature to me, I joined the US War Room and he was ear raping for about 20 minutes, also I’ve had multiple encounters with you following me and harassing me around.
  4. Wasdin

    Normacco Attacco's Staff Application

    -1 - was demoted from JLT to SGT in 2GA after having a lot of warnings before. Mature up before you apply
  5. Wasdin

    Delphin's Staff Application

    When did you join the server? Cause I haven’t really seen you on except once yesterday, I’m leaning towards a -1 but haven’t made my decision yet
  6. Wasdin

    Wasdin - LOA

    Date's: 7/12-7/15 Reason: Baseball (Again :/) @Phantom@Crin {GG}@Chris Branch
  7. You're cute

    1. Zaroni Pepperoni

      Zaroni Pepperoni

      ew, that's homo.


  8. Wasdin


    -1 Didn’t read staff rules, Doesn’t meet 2 paragraphs, what are your warns for?
  9. Who are you Reporting? Player Your Name: Wasdin Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:164644503 Name of Reportee: allgamer831a SteamID of Reportee: STEAM_0:0:193643330 What Happened?: He placed a shit load of props and they were invisible until you walked into them. I don't know if this is Prop block or Prop minge Proof or Evidence:
  10. Wasdin

    Allens Staff App

    He’s an Army Sgt. Also can you elaborate more about your ban/bans?
  11. Wasdin

    CoolKid240 staff app

    Also how can you age a year in 1 hour from your last application?
  12. Wasdin

    CoolKid240 staff app

    -1 - Doesn’t meet requirements and your blacklisted from staff on DarkRP
  13. Wasdin

    Increase The IQ of Garnet Gaming Admins

    Cramps just stop