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  1. Me Me Big Boi

    I was banned 450,000 Minutes ago. Can I get unbanned now?

    Okay yeah this makes sense now, my steam ID according to other websites is STEAM_1:0:133247988
  2. Me Me Big Boi

    I was banned 450,000 Minutes ago. Can I get unbanned now?

    No this is the correct steam ID, Im going to say the same thing I PM'ed Darkalias. I chaned my custom steam URL recently which in turn changes your steam ID (you can test or do research on this) This is my old steam id: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/picklejev/ This is my new: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/kl4wd/ These are the same accounts , created on the same day. But by changing the custom url, it changed my steamid too. I definetly was banned on my old steam id if that helps.
  3. Me Me Big Boi

    I was banned 450,000 Minutes ago. Can I get unbanned now?

    No this isn't an alt, its my first time appealing after this long time.
  4. Me Me Big Boi

    Intel Processor

    I have the i5 7600k with a gtx 1060. This is way too overkill for gmod. You'll be better off with the new ryzen processors with vega graphics if you're looking for cheap.
  5. Name: Me Me Big Boi (Jev when i was banned I think) SteamID: STEAM_1:0:-2014235660 Staff who Banned you: I dont know People Involved: Probably just me I dont remember Reason You were Banned: Mass rdm , bhop script , esp/aimbot How long were you banned for?: 4,000,000 minutes Proof of Ban: https://gyazo.com/9fae212a02eec4748cb6fb5323aa0e29 Your side of the story: Right so my memory is not good at all. I don't remember what happened 450,000 minutes ago. I don't remember anything I did, at all. I am sorry can I get unbanned? I waited 450,000 minutes to appeal and I geniuinley want to get unabanned and get given a 2nd chance. Gmod has dead servers, none of them are good , frankly enough I remember Garnet as being one of the better servers. All I can remember is that normally me and my friend fuck around and go on servers to lowkey break rules. However we played garnet for a long time, you can check my hours played if thats even possible . something must have annoyed me and I mass rdmed but I did not use any scripts or hacks. This server has lua anti cheat I think so theres no way I could have used anything. I hope for a 2nd chance.