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  1. BubbleBuddies21

    Zaroni's LOA

    NOOOOOO DADDDDD All jokes aside have a great vacation.
  2. BubbleBuddies21

    Okami's staff Application

    -1 Seems like this app was not 100% looked over and ready.
  3. BubbleBuddies21

    how to fix 3d text

    you done fucked up
  4. BubbleBuddies21

    Emma's Staff Report

    You have a good point. Gonna have to +1
  5. BubbleBuddies21

    BluDruw's LOA

    No dad NO
  6. BubbleBuddies21

    DarkRP Update [6/21/2018]

    Same question as @Not cool kid
  7. BubbleBuddies21

    Emma's Staff Report

    Can you post the full video @Emmathatsme no offense but this looks a little cookie cut. Not saying this is but maybe THIS situation was looked at during the wrong time and or wrong place so I wanna see the FULL video before I +1 or -1 so for now im Undecided.
  8. BubbleBuddies21

    Changing donation

    It would be a cool addon though don't you think @oldschool
  9. BubbleBuddies21

    Bigger Map?

    R.I.P canada
  10. BubbleBuddies21

    Forum Signatures

    100% agreed
  11. BubbleBuddies21

    Sphynxx's Mod application

    But 2 days really is not a whole lot like for just coming back at least my opinion is that you should try to meet more people and how the server is run now a lot has changed in from the past to now and I think it would take a little longer than 2 days to soak all that up you think?
  12. BubbleBuddies21

    Wendells Skin Donation MRP

  13. BubbleBuddies21

    My Sincerest Apologies

  14. BubbleBuddies21

    Sphynxx's Mod application

    -1 you just came back to the server and do not many of the new players, how do we know that you will just come back all the sudden and be active?
  15. BubbleBuddies21

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    -1 Reasons above.