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  1. Alex Conway

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    Biggest -1 I've ever given. If you never come back it'll be too soon!
  2. Alex Conway

    MilitaryRP Hourly Pay Rate Fix

    I know you’re new, so: Yes pay systems are broken, it’s because the server is in 1 location and the database is in a completely different location. This causes latency problems, and lags out before paychecks are added to everyone’s balance. Garnet is very aware of this problem, but as of now there is nothing he can do until the host “gets the sticks out their asses”.
  3. Alex Conway

    DarkRP Sitcom/Talkshow!

    MRP Mains: What the fuck did I just watch
  4. Alex Conway

    Pride month!!!!!

  5. Alex Conway

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    Lemme cringe, brb
  6. Alex Conway

    Introduction of Espionage

    But we aren't those servers. No offense, it's hard to get staff to do anything with out a report. I don't see it practical. It's gonna cause more problems than not. -1 Still.
  7. Alex Conway

    Delete Every Trace Of Me Please

    That’s a rule by @Phantom. You cannot get reserves reinstated. Not even if you have proof.
  8. Alex Conway

    NPC Based Patrol System

    It's only SuperAdmin+ right now, and I agree, it's unlikely to change... When an NPC is killed it's ragdoll stays there till server restarts, if you attempt to clean them up, the duel NPCs will vanish and it causes more problems than benefits.... I'm with Crin... Good Idea, not gonna work -1
  9. Alex Conway

    Introduction of Espionage

    -1, This is an exception to impersonation (Which is gonna cause more problems) People will just powergame/metagame and check playtime, STEAM avatar, voice, name, press tab. (Those are too hard to prove, and no one is gonna RP this) This gives me nightmares back to the disguises ISI were issued. No joke, they caused nothing but problems. This adds more staff dependency, it's hard enough to find an HMod willing to set jobs, for tryouts. Phantom literally removed all Staff Dependency on RP, in the rules update.... this defeats the purpose of that In addition.... Kidnapping is the most ANNOYING thing on this server.... lmao
  10. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

  11. Alex Conway

    MRP Weapon Suggestion

    "Code it for me"
  12. Alex Conway

    Staff Applications

    If they type a paragraph for the essay, guess the fuck what: It passes the requirements you dumb cunts. Oh my god he didn’t type a short story. he’s a MSG in army and doesn’t have 150 hours?!?!? DENY HIM -1. Even though the application meets the REQUIREMENTS. Idk who you are because you don’t rant in OOC, and I’m in capable of pressing Tab. Denied, I let 6 RU based staff reply and 2 US, totaling 8 replies. I’m RU so idk who you are either. Even though your application passes requirements, my incompetence to press tab will result in you being denied.
  13. Alex Conway

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    How to show you know nothing about metas or balancing 101
  14. Alex Conway

    MilitaryRP Map Survey [6/14/2018]

    How to show you know nothing about metas or balancing 101
  15. Alex Conway

    [CnKole] Moderator/Staff Application V2

    App meets requirements, +1