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  1. Beginning of Log-36 (OOC: Thank you to Catfisher for creating this video!) (OOC: Right click the above image to view the contents.) Information gathered: - Harris is the name of a 2LT in the Army. - Clege Hammerton is the name of a Major in the Army. - There is a US Elite loadout called Riot that carries a FN-FAL Assault Rifle, a UTS-15 shotgun, and a IMI-Desert Eagle sidearm. End of Log-36
  2. Ethan


    Our first meet was in DRP, then now MRP, we'll see what will happen next if we meet again. You are a great dude, ClickBait. Best of luck to you wherever you go!
  3. Beginning of Log-35 (OOC: The video's audio is bugged out a small bit, but you can still understand what is being said. Our voices just sound like we are robots. Apologies for this!) (OOC: Right click the image above to view the video. Thank you to Hooman for creating this video!) Information we gathered: - Remake and Trip could be a part of MARSOC. - James Ryan is still the General of the Marines. - Chris Branch is still the General of the Army. - SEAL's basic infantry uniform and weapon/sidearm (MP5A5 or MP5, Fiveseven). - The existence of a SEAL standard medic is confirmed, carries a Fiveseven, medkit, and MP5 from speculation. - The target's name is Yulay Downe, and he is a SEAL Seaman (E-1). He has been in SEALs for 2 days. - SEALs specialize and orient on CQC-Mid range ambushing/cover fire techniques. - Blackbeard is the leader of the SEALs (CAPT), this may be a code name. - DEVGRU/ST6 is in the area being lead by Blackbeard, the same one who leads SEALs. End of Log-35
  4. Ethan

    This was difficult...

    You did great during your time in SSO, and I am sad to hear that it has come to an end. The effort you put in before and while you were in SSO was inspiring, and you accomplished a lot during your time as an Operative. You made SSO a better place with your daily activity, and improvement in learning and growing as a leader. I appreciate your self-reflection and reasoning, you are a powerful character, and I know that wherever you go next, you will do great.
  5. Update The Tryout Guideline has been updated slightly, and so has the password. It is very highly recommended that you read the Guideline word-for-word once more for those of you who already did so you can fully understand what has changed, and find the new password. Thank you to those of you that follow instructions properly, and put the effort in to attend our training sessions as well as fully read the Guideline!
  6. Ethan

    Ethan's LOA

    I am going on my first LOA, a short one, for three days. 7/12-7/14. I am going on vacation to Arizona . I have Windows to manage SSO for me, and I need an LOA for staff as well.
  7. Ethan

    Garnet Gaming Memories

    @ClickBait back in Taliban helping me interrogate a SEAL @Crin {GG}'s rare appearance as a 55th Brigade Soldier, and Beating coming to make fun of the other SEAL (Panda) for getting captured @Towelie [GG] helping interrogate an MP @Sleepy being raped by a goat (Simon G) @Nexus (Versetti) as a Taliban Enlisted @{GG} Bishopil executing @Brandon @Brandon's initiation into the 55th Brigade @Swigs getting down and dirty, getting to work Afghan's celebration of some random war we did good in Ugandan Knuckles Tribe invading 55th Brigade Kidnap of two Navy Soldiers @Chris Branch remember when we got ya Taliban Recruiters waiting patiently for recruits to swap from US to Afghan @Monkey and Okonma back in 55th A photo taken mid-explosion of the Pre-map change party Brian Buffet assisting in having fun with our captured Ghillie and some random Civ that wanted to join in Original SSO, negotiating a kidnap @Monkey and KushKat The Original SSO gang on an Operation lead by Shrimps Derek's first interrogation Two more recent ones, but will still around for a while I bet, @{GG} Windows back when he was a SGT in SSO and whatever @Catfisher's rank was and Thanks @Phantom, for caring about SSO's failure during that one Operation That is going to stay my TS Avatar for a while.
  8. Beginning of Log-34 (OOC: This is a juicy one! ) (OOC: Right click to view the contents of this Log. Credits to Catfisher for creating the video. No time stamps are given, please watch the whole thing and skip through parts that may not interest you. Catfisher muted his microphone for this so the background noise wouldn't ruin the interrogation, so sometimes you will hear someone ask a question, not get an answer, then respond. Enjoy!) During a Scouting Mission, we spotted two presumed Delta Force Soldiers, now confirmed, doing a training session together at the US OP. We continued on as we didn't take anything special from this. We then notice as we set up in position near the US FOB that one of the Soldiers runs off towards the US FOB. We realize that he continues to go further and further, so we spring into action and approach this Soldier. We then capture and escort him away from the US FOB. As we leave, we notice his buddy on the wall of the US FOB, and continue along knowing that the US knows. The video takes place after this event. Information gathered: - Delta Force Uniform and weaponry for their "Trial" stage Soldiers (Same as Army, M4 rifle and the M1911 side arm). - Price is a confirmed Delta Force Officer, but seems to be on a Leave of Absence at the time. - Delta Force style of Uniform, others are unconfirmed. End of Log-34
  9. Beginning of Log-33 (OOC: Right click the image to view the contents. Credit to Catfisher for creating the video.) The only useful information we gathered from this Soldier is that his name is Goliath and he is a Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army. He came to an explosive end due to leakage of information, otherwise he would've been ransomed off for his honesty and cooperation. End of Log-33
  10. Beginning of Broadcast #3 (OOC: Right click the image above to access the video. Credit to Ghost for the creation of this video.) This is a warning message to the possible private military that may be working with the US Army. If any exist, this is the only warning that will be given. No further Operators for this private military should be nearby the combat zone, if this was true in any way. End of Broadcast #3
  11. Beginning of Log-32 (OOC: Right click the video to open and view the contents.) We gathered a fair bit of information from this Soldier and had no struggles with him as all of the information he gave us was either true, held some merit, or he told us it was a guess. The most important information that we gathered was two names. A marine Major of the name Aaron he believes, and a Marine 1stLt named Jasmin. This proves the accusation we made before towards this name being a Marine Officer before giving out PTLs. End of Log-32
  12. Ethan

    Ban Appeal

    Although this is proof that he did kill a large amount of people, here is the situation that happened, but I do believe he should be unbanned. During this time, I just finished a kidnap in-game to see that a mass has been happening for about 3 minutes, and no one else was dealing with it. I see some users say Matty and Barry were massing. I check logs for Barry first and see that he killed about 5 people of different rankings, and ban him, then move to Matty. I see that Matty has killed many PVTs, so I assumed that it was just a normal mass and banned him as well. I then get a report and take it saying a guy named Saika massed as well. I hear Saika's side of the story where he states a large amount of recruits continued rushing out of RR after being told not to and explaining to the reporter that he couldn't stop them by body blocking like the reporter suggested. Noticing this, I asked Saika if a guy named Matty did this too with him and he said he thought so. I then explained to Saika that I would return him as recruits being out of the RR and minging is KOS-able, so he was fine. I believe this is the same situation as Matty, and I apologize for not asking you about your kills first, Matty. I was too hasty on your ban, I should've looked a bit further into the mass since you hold a higher rank and would be less likely to mass (not saying it doesn't happen, but should be handled more carefully).
  13. Ethan

    Versettis Resignation from SSO

    You were a great member of SSO, Versetti. I remember when you attempted 055 tryouts, and we all wanted you to pass, but you failed a few times, you always gave it your best and continued trying! You continued this attitude while in SSO as well up until you hit JLT. You hit a phase where you were on for some days and off others, got through training though, and I thought you were ready for Officer. And you were. The only down side to you being in SSO as an Officer was your activity. The times you were online, you were a bright and inspiring figure! I hope you continue this attitude and mentality in Vega, as all of SSO will miss you and continue to cheer you on as long as you stay true to who you are! There are only a few Generation One members of SSO left, sadly, but things happen. I hope you come back one day if you ever get to be active again. You have definitely earned your reserves, but you know how SSO reserves work Best of luck in Vega, stay fighting for Russia! My favorite saying from you is when you say, "my friend." at the end of your sentences, it's always so nice to hear, lol. - Your buddy, Ethan
  14. My opinion resides with the one that provides better FPS, if fog doesn't effect FPS or makes it better, gimme. If it makes FPS worse, no fog pls. Better FPS is what I want as I have a potato that I game on.
  15. Ethan

    Catfisher's DRP Resignation

    Welcome to MRP, Catfisher. You literally resigned on the second month of your rank being frozen in SSO because you were still staff on DRP, I just noticed that, lol. Your life in MRP has now begun, and I hope you are ready and enjoy your time here!