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  1. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧


    i'm down anytime for some CSGO wink wink PS DUALIES OP "def dont have 1100 kills on it"
  2. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    I’m Back

    thank you for doing that xD i only did it in romaji so he could understand what i was sorta tryin to say
  3. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    I’m Back

  4. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    I’m Back

    OwO Nani kore?
  5. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Pride month!!!!!

    i might as well leave this here while i'm at it
  6. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    Yeah pretty much lol I just want to not get random af friend requests lol I wish I could remove it for dat reason
  7. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    yeah i will still be here i just wont play the server anymore tho. Also anyone know how to remove steam from this website? just curious
  8. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    So I've gotten worn out by the server and it was fun when it lasted. I just dont feel it anymore and i know the CSDesert vibe is coming back but it's just in general when I play on MRP. I just don't find anything fun to do anymore. I've done my best for everyone but it's coming to an end now. I do certainly miss the old MARSOC feel as well i miss everyone who was in there Special/Pump/Phantom/Drax/Mun/Beast. I miss them all so much specially mun he was a pretty cool friend to have around. Beast was better than me a CQC and i can't beat him yet but soon i will beat him. Pump idk where he went i just miss him and his silliness. Special was one special boy if I do say so myself. Drax was pretty cool as well and i enjoyed playing with him. Phantom be leading that Vega don't worry I remembered almost all the things ya said when you was a MARSOC hehe. But other than that MARSOC currently I can't deal with its too much work and stress and I just want to Enjoy my summer and focus a bit more on school when school starts again. I trust those leading MARSOC now without me and best of luck to you two. I'ma miss everyone on MRP. Also i'm to lazy to "at" people but you know who you are. さよなら みんな (sowwy remake)
  9. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Type F for the hard carry

    I was a SEM Qued with MGEs lol but luckly i was a GNM before or they woulda been a pain to deal with lol
  10. So I was arguin with someone about CSGO and he says 2v2 is equal to 5v5. gimme your thoughts 

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    2. Evity


      Not really it's a lot easier to win a 4v5 than a 1v2

    3. Brandon


      That is good math if 1 is half of 2 than 2.5 is half of 5 so the correct statement would have been it is easyer to win a 1v2 that a 2/3v5 since obviously you can’t have 2.5 people on a team 

    4. Evity



  11. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Type F for the hard carry

  12. Has anyone ever thought of bipodding a pistol cause i'm sure someone has had that idea before

    1. Illexion


      People have thought abou bipodding knives :3


    2. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧
  13. Went from losin to winnin hecks yeah gotta be less toxic and ya win "global tip" wink wink also "def didn't hit some fishy plays like headshotting thru smoke or killin thru smoke def didn't happen"


  14. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    Never play CSGO late night

  15. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

    This is why i throw

    he knows Chinese so idk if its racist or not xD