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  1. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

    Truth or Dare? :^) I'm sorry I fucking had to. That Tom & Jerry meme gets me every time. RIP tho.
  2. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

    Its because people are so disconnected from real life that actual gore and shit like that is desensitized to them. Its sad really. People live in their phones anymore and it scares the hell out of me. (Yeah like I have room to talk but still.)
  3. MrInconvenience

    My Sincerest Apologies

    No u?
  4. MrInconvenience

    My Sincerest Apologies

    Guten tag. Considering what was said on my part in Optic's "RIP X" thread, I'd like to publicly say that I am sorry. What I said was immature and ill-informed at best. Honestly, I didn't even really know X other than his one song that you hear in memes (Look at me). Since I don't listen to a whole lot of rap (because to be honest I dislike the genre because most "rappers" are just money hungry fame hounds, or at least to me they seem that way) I thought he was just going to be another one of "those rappers" and when I heard of the allegations against him after I heard he was shot and killed, I'll be honest and say my initial reaction was almost the same as Holmander's. "Good. Another idiot gone." But after I saw the reactions of not just random people online, but most of you guys as well, I take everything back. He couldn't have been all that bad if he had such a following of young and old minds alike. So I say this again, I apologize for my immaturity on the subject and send my condolences to his family and friends. RIP X. P.S. And before any of you retards even bring this up, NO I'm not doing this for the likes or so you skids'll like me. I'm doing this sheerly out of respect for a young man cut down in his prime that still had so much left to do in life. A response is enough and if any of you react to this I'll cut your dick/clit off with a rusty spoon. Thanks for taking the time to read and habt ein gute tag. :^)
  5. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

    Jumped the gun there just a bit didn't you? That is not at all what I meant. Quite the opposite really. Also sorry to hear about that. Sending my condolences your way my guy. Hope the bitch is rotting in jail.
  6. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

  7. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

  8. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

    I wasn't saying that him beating his preggo gf made it ok for him to be shot/killed. I was just stating that (assuming the allegations are true) that he's not some god-given saint that people make him out to be. Everyone has dirt on their shoes and I was just bringing it to light to those that didn't know. Sure I could've worded it better, but eh. Not gonna edit it to try and hide what I said. And yes @Evity I know they were just allegations, but just because it hasn't been technically proven true, it doesn't mean its completely false either. Now we may never know if it was true or not. Just wanted to clear this up before anyone else wanted to shit in my mouth.
  9. MrInconvenience

    RIP X

    https://archive.massappeal.com/xxxtentacion-beating-girlfriend-testimony/ Just in case some of you didn't know. :^) "BuT he'S SUcH A rolE MoDEL!1!!11"
  10. MrInconvenience

    Pride month!!!!!

    I don't get why we really have a "Pride month" tbh. Its like you're gay. So what? I don't dislike gay people or anything, but I find the whole "have a month dedicated to people who are gay" thing to be kinda dumb.
  11. MrInconvenience

    DarkRP Update [6/15/2018]

    I'd like to thank the exploitive cunts that ruined this for everyone (including me... Bye bye Spider on the Ceiling). I will miss this feature, but its whatever. (Not like I'm active anymore anyway lmao.) Anyways, thanks for the update my babushka. Many huggies and kissies.
  12. 1st Saturday off in a fucking month tomorrow. Yey

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      Nah. I snort meth and inject cocaine.

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      i n a c t i v e h a h a

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      Fuck off cahnt. I might be making a return within the next month. :^)

  13. MrInconvenience

    Type F for the hard carry

    That's nothing. Should've seen the game me and my 2 friends had. The 3 of us were the only silvers in the game. The other team had 2 LEM's and the rest were other high golds while the 2 rando's we had were low golds. Thanks CS:GO.
  14. MrInconvenience

    Hard Drive problem

    Did you try Google?
  15. MrInconvenience

    Fucking skid communities

    Stop speaking your voodoo speak you damn brown devil! So thats where Sythen went... Huh. Wish you luck with your community my dude. Just uh... Keep a leash on your dogs mk?